Business Courses

Business (BUS)

BUS-099 Occupational Work Experience

1-4 Units: 60-360 hours of work experience, per term, SC, DG, CSU

Prerequisite: Employment in career-related field.

For more information on this course, refer to Cooperative Education. Units are determined by number of hours worked.

This course offers on-the-job learning experiences for employed students, whether paid or volunteer, in cooperation with their employers. If students’ career goals are directly related to their work, they can earn credit for jobs they hold during the term. Students must be enrolled in at least seven units, including their cooperative education units (proportionately fewer in summer session). Students who volunteer for this assignment will earn 1 unit for every 60 hours of volunteer work experience and 1 unit per 90 hours of paid work experience. Petition to repeat for a maximum of 16 units.

BUS-100 Topics in Business

.5-4 Units: 9-72 hours of lecture and/or 27-216 hours of laboratory, per term, SC, DG

This course covers topics in business. Topics will be chosen to supplement and serve as additions to current offerings in the area, and will be announced each term in the current schedule of classes.

BUS-102 Business Mathematics

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG

This course is an introduction to business mathematics including banking services, personal credit, interest and repayment, discounts, property, sales and income taxes, payroll, depreciation, and retail merchandising.

BUS-109 Introduction to Business

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: BUS 110)

This course presents a multidisciplinary survey of the social, cultural, political, and economic implications associated with business organizations and practices within the U.S. and global environments. Included in this survey is an examination of domestic and international business activities in the areas of entrepreneurship, accounting and financial practices, organizational design and structure, human resources and leadership, marketing, organized labor and management practices, communication and technology, trade and the stock and securities markets, and how competitive organizations develop and achieve their goals.

BUS-120 Introduction to Management

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term LR, DG, CSU

This course introduces the student to the basic functions of the management process including accountability and responsibility to subordinates, peers and superiors, with special emphasis on attitudes, human needs, motivation and leadership.

BUS-125 Report Writing

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU

This course covers practical aspects of report writing. It also includes instruction in methods of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data, with emphasis upon the elements of writing the final report.

BUS-181 Applied Accounting I

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU

This course covers the application and use of record keeping and basic accounting practices to the records and reports of small business. The course includes financial statement preparation, payroll accounting, special journals, bank reconciliation and accounting terminology.

BUS-186 Principles of Accounting I

4 Units: 72 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: ACCT 110)

This course offers a comprehensive view of organizational systems, transactional record-keeping and explanation, their accounting informational systems, their internal controls, and the use and evaluation of assets, liabilities, and equity development and valuation. This course also describes and clarifies the accounting cycle, revenue and expense identification, the development and strengthening of cash flow streams, the ethical handling and application of all financial information and statements, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; and the appropriate identification and reporting of business transactions to internal decision makers, potential investors, creditors, and regulatory bodies.

BUS-187 Principles of Accounting II

4 Units: 72 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: ACCT 120)

Prerequisite: BUS-186 with a grade of C or better.

This course focuses on management principles and its behavior as the guiding engine to organizational effectiveness and success. It complements and supports BUS-186 (Principles of Accounting I), but its emphasis encompasses the four management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; and it keys on effective decision-making, operational direction, performance analysis, and cost control in all forms of organizations.

BUS-188 Accounting with QuickBooks

1.5 Units: 27 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG

This course applies the basic principles and practices of accounting through the use of QuickBooks accounting software. Students will create the books for a new company, process accounts receivable and payable, prepare and reconcile monthly banking and credit transactions, create and pay payroll and liabilities, work with assets and long-term liabilities, and prepare monthly and annual financial statements. This course provides preparation for the QuickBooks certification examination.

BUS-191 Small Business Management

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU

This course presents information on how to start, run or expand a small business, including marketing, management, financing, accounting, legal, planning, cost control, and resources available to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

BUS-294 Business Law

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: BUS 125)

This course presents fundamental legal principles surrounding business activities and transactions.  The legal process is also reviewed.  Legal topics include ethics, contracts, torts, agency, criminal law, business organizations, and judicial and administrative processes. BUS-294 may be applied towards the educational requirement of the real estate broker’s examination.

BUS-298 Independent Study

.2-4 Units: 3.6-72 hours of independent study, per term, SC, DG

Prerequisite: Educational contract of study signed by an instructor, department chair and vice president. Topics must extend beyond regular course offerings.

This course is designed for selected students to pursue independent study in business under the direction of an instructor.

BUS-300 Field Studies

.1-4 Units: 1.8-72 hours of lecture and/or 5.4-216 hours of laboratory, per term, SC, DG

This course provides the opportunity for students to participate in field experience in various disciplines. In all cases, field classes will be oriented toward direct involvement by the student in some outside activity which should supplement the classroom experience. Petition to repeat for maximum units.