Anthropology Courses

Anthropology (ANTHR)

ANTHR-100 Topics in Anthropology

.5-4 Units: 9-72 hours of lecture and/or 27-216 hours of laboratory, per term, SC, DG

This course covers topics in anthropology. Topics will be chosen to supplement and serve as additions to current offerings in the area, and will be announced each term in the current schedule of classes.

ANTHR-125 Introduction to Archaeology

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: ANTH 150)

This course provides a study of the nature and past of human culture, including biological preconditions of culture. Included are methods of obtaining anthropological evidence with particular emphasis upon archaeology as a method, and the nature and meaning of the evidence obtained.

ANTHR-130 Cultural Anthropology

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: ANTH 120)

This course is an introductory cultural anthropology course featuring dramatic and unique film footage from around the world, embracing cultures from all continents, highlighting major lifestyles, and illustrating human adaptation to environment from the beginnings of the human species to the present. Will help students to appreciate the diversity of human cultures around the world.

ANTHR-140 Introduction to Physical Anthropology

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC

This course is an introductory physical anthropology course that deals with the theory and method of anthropology in the study of organic evolution as it relates to humans. The biological nature of humankind is studied through concepts of genetics, evolution and comparative anatomy.

ANTHR-140L Physical Anthropology Laboratory

1 Unit: 54 hours of laboratory, per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC

Prerequisite: ANTHR-140 (may be taken concurrently)

This is an introductory laboratory course in which scientific methodology is taught and used to explore/experiment with topics found in introductory physical anthropology and primate evolution courses. Topics will include: paleontology, hands-on study of fossils, Mendelian and population genetics, human variability, forensics, medical anthropology, epidemiology, non-human primates, primate dental and skeletal anatomy, paleoprimatology, paleoanthropology, hominid dietary patterns, the study of hominids as bio-culturally adapted animals, and a survey of general methodologies utilized in physical anthropological research. Field trips may be included.

ANTHR-150 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC

A cross-cultural study of the forms and functions of supernatural beliefs and associated rituals in various societies of Africa, Asia, aboriginal Australia, Oceania, South America, native North America and elsewhere. Emphasis is on understanding beliefs and rituals within their given social contexts, but also on broad comparison, to derive insight into the general functions of beliefs and rituals in human life.

ANTHR-298 Independent Study

.2-4 Units: 3.6-72 hours of independent study, per term, SC, DG

Prerequisite: Educational contract of study signed by an instructor, department chair and vice president. Topics must extend beyond regular course offerings.

This course is designed for selected students to pursue independent study in anthropology under the direction of an instructor.

ANTHR-300 Anthropology Field Studies

1-4 Units: 1.8-72 hours of lecture and/or 5.4-216 hours of laboratory, per term, SC, DG

This course provides the opportunity for students to participate in field experience in various disciplines. In all cases, field classes will be oriented toward direct involvement by the student in some outside activity which should supplement the classroom experience. Petition to repeat for maximum units.