Campus Resource Guide

Basic Needs
Food | Health Care | Personal Care | Transportation

Academic Support

Mental Wellness | Physical Wellness | Financial Wellness | Veterans Services

Basic Needs

Many CCC students experience financial hardship, food and housing insecurity, and related challenges. Here are some ways to get help on campus. Many of our on campus services are currently closed, but please add the Student Life Office Canvas page for more public resources Please check our website for all up to date remote contact information


Food Pantry


All students have access to our food pantry, which offers both canned and packaged food.

Free Breakfast


A limited number of daily vouchers are available in the Student Life Office for a free breakfast at Pronto, CCC’s grab-n-go cafe.



People who meet federal income eligibility rules might also qualify for Cal-Fresh. Its goal is to help you put healthy and nutritious food on the table. The Student Life Office does Cal-Fresh eligibility screening by appointment only. If you are an EOPS, CARE or CalWORKs student, you may also be screened and apply for Cal-Fresh in their offices.

Health Care

Student Health Care Coverage

CCC’s insurance partner, Keenan, offers options for affordable health care coverage for students.

Personal Care

Comet Care Packages

SparkPoint Contra Costa College | 510.215.6873

Free basic bathroom supplies including toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, feminine hygiene products and shaving supplies.

Lactation Room


A quiet, comfortable space for nursing mothers with a rocking chair, desk and refrigerator. Go to Student Life for a key.

Men’s Shower Facilities


Entrance between the swimming pool and football stadium, east of the field. Student ID required.

Women’s Shower Facilities


Entrance between the swimming pool and football stadium, across from the women’s locker room pool entrance. Student ID required.


Clipper Cards


If you need help getting to school, Clipper Cards are available from Student Life, on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are limited one per student per semester. If you’re an EOPS or CalWORKs student, check in with the EOPS office in Student Services Center, room 106 about ways they can help with transportation.

Academic Support

It’s never too early to get some academic assistance for your classes. We won’t give you the answers, but we will help you find them! Please check up to date remote contact information on our website

Professor Office Hours

Check your syllabi to find out when your professors can meet with you to answer questions and provide additional support with coursework.

Canvas Help

View Canvas help guides or view the Canvas Student Guide at Get live, 24/7 support by clicking on the “Help” button in the Canvas global navigation menu to chat with the Canvas support team or call 877-930-1126.



Campus-Wide Tutoring provided tutoring online via Canvas. Enroll in MATH-875N or ENGL-875N to book tutoring appointments, access the Writing Center, and participate in group study sessions.

Student Success Workshops

Student Success & Retention |  510.215.3936 or 510.215.3807

Be proactive and take a student success workshop! Get help with study skills, time management, improving your confidence and over all well-being.

STEM Jam Sessions

STEM Center | 510.215.6856

CLOSED. Our pre-semester Jam Sessions are week-long workshops designed to boost your confidence and give you a head start in many subjects. You’ll learn introductory concepts, and qualify for book and calculator loans for the semester!

  • Anatomy Jam
  • Biology Jam
  • Chemistry Jam

Textbook and Calculator Loans

STEM Center | 510.215.6856

EOPS/CARE | 510.215.3949

If you’re having a hard time paying for textbooks. There are programs around campus that might be able to help out!

Disability Services

Disabled Students’ Programs and Services | 510.215.3969

Make sure you are fully benefiting and able to participate in college. DSPS provides support services, specialized instruction, and educational accommodations (academic adjustments) to students with disabilities.

Counseling Center


Counselors provide students with personal, career, and academic support. We recommend that students meet with a counselor at least twice a semester to check in about your education plan, progress, and get helpful information. Book appointments online, by phone or in person.

Transfer Services

Career + Transfer Center | 510.215.6874

One-on-one advising and assistance, meet with university representatives, attend a transfer/career/ scholarship workshops, participate in campus tours and events such as “Get on the Bus” (local), and “Get on the Plane” (HBCU tours).



Provides above and beyond assistance with services such as books, supplies, parking permits or bus passes, technology loan program, and more to those who qualify.



Get the most from your CalWORKs experience. If you already qualify for CalWORKs welfare-to-work with the county, CCC can coordinate with the county to secure extra assistance with things like books, supplies, parking permits or bus passes, and childcare.

Learning Communities

When you join a Learning Community, you can expect to build relationships with peers and mentors through a variety of activities that may include course work, special events, field trips, and more.

  • African American Male Leadership: 510.215.4804
  • Center for Science Excellence (CSE): 510.215.4815
  • Per Ankh Academy: 510.215.4133
  • Puente Project: 510.215.4130
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM): 510.215.6856


We all need a little help sometimes. Here are some on campus resources. Please check our website for up to date remote contact information

Mental Wellness

Student Wellness | 510.215.3960

Free, confidential individual/specialized group therapy in a safe and welcoming environment to share feelings about the social and academic challenges that impact your health and home life.

MHN Student Assistance


Can help with stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and much more. Must be enrolled in 6 units. Call toll free 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After being asked some basic questions, you will be given a list of therapists to call in the area.

Counseling Center


Counselors provide students with personal, career and academic support. We are here to help! We recommend that students meet with a counselor at least twice a semester to check in about your education plan, progress, and get helpful information. You can book appointments online, on the telephone, or in person.

Student Clubs

Student Life | 510.215.4866 |

Social well being is important for your mental health. Student clubs are a great way to make new friends, explore your interests and develop new skills. There are 25+ clubs at CCC. Don’t see a club you want? Why not start a new one?

Physical Wellness



CCC offers a variety of physical education (P.E.) courses or you can try out for the team!

Financial Wellness

Financial Aid

510.215.6026 |

Don’t let the cost of college prevent you from achieving your dreams! Get help with your FAFSA, grant and scholarship applications.

SparkPoint Contra Costa

510.215.6873 | Call or Text 510.255.0420 |

SparkPoint Contra Costa is a partnership of nonprofits working together to help people achieve their financial goals. Work 1-on-1 with our coaching team to learn about budgeting, saving money, improving credit scores, reducing debt, and more for FREE!

Contra Costa College Foundation

510.215.3805 |

Offers scholarship opportunities and other student success support. Scholarship application window is every November to mid-February.

Career Services

Career and Transfer Center | 510.215.6874 or 510.215.6865

We can help you discover a rewarding career path, find a job, write your resume and cover letters and even get ready for interviews.

Veteran Services

Veteran Center

510.215.6774 |

This is the starting point for Veterans and veteran dependents to start their educational journey. Staff and veteran peers will guide new veterans and dependents in the next steps to success and supply them with resources. The Veteran Resource Center (VRC) is a place for veterans to study, use a computer, or relax among other veteran peers.