Better FAFSA – Better CADAA

Better FAFSA and Better CADAA:
What You Need to Know

Updated January 1, 2024

State Financial Aid Deadline Extension Approved! We have great news to announce that the state priority deadline for Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship has been extended from April 2, 2024 to May 2, 2024. Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1887 on March 25, 2024 to codify this extension. As a result, students who submit a 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a 2024-25 California Dream Act Application (CADAA) by May 2, 2024, will be considered on time for Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship consideration. If you need assistance with completing your application we will be hosting an application event May 1st, 2024 . The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) is also hosting free Cash for College webinars scheduled throughout April.

Update March 5th, 2024:

We are pleased to announce that both the 2024-25 FAFSA and California Dream Act Application (CADAA) have been released. The financial aid applications are now open, and students can begin applying for financial aid for the 2024-25 academic year. The Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) continues to work on resolving the system issues affecting various users when trying to complete the 2024-25 FAFSA form, and continues to provide updates through the 2024-25 FAFSA Issue Alerts page. On March 1, 2024, FSA confirmed the resetting of the 2024-25 SAI formula to include the -$1,500 income floor for the SAI Formula A.

Update April 11th, 2024:

Important Update for Students from Mixed-Status Families:

As of April 9, students from mixed-status families are now able to apply for the CA Dream Act Application. This is a temporary measure in response to the challenges faced in obtaining contributor IDs and other barriers encountered by parents without a Social Security Number when completing the FAFSA application.

This interim solution does not provide a definitive assessment of federal aid eligibility but does offer insights into potential state and institutional aid. Students from mixed-status families are still encouraged to complete the FAFSA to maximize their financial aid opportunities.

For more information on this change and to access informational sessions, click the Mixed-Status Families Support button or visit the CSAC webpage dedicated to CADAA for Mixed Status Families.

Better FAFSA

Better FAFSA is the new name for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which you can use to apply for federal grants, loans, and work-study. It will have fewer questions, a better user interface, and a direct link to the IRS to import your tax information. It will also increase your chances of getting a Pell Grant, which is free money that you don’t have to pay back.

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Better CADAA

Better CADAA is the improved version of the California Dream Act Application (CADAA), which you can use to apply for state grants and scholarships if you are an undocumented student. It will have some of the same changes as the FAFSA, such as using the term “contributors” instead of “parents” or “spouse”. It will also help you access more state aid programs, such as Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship.

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