All the COVID-19 Emails

As we move into spring break, I’m doing a little electronic “spring cleaning” . We’ve been bombarded with so much information these last few weeks, with much of it important. I don’t know about you, but I definitely cannot keep track of everything. Today’s blog is just an annotated archive of the ASC president emails, and links to a few websites set up in response to the COVID-19 emergency.



  • March 10: First 4CD announcement (travel, reimbursement, remote lecture, lab on campus) and ASC meeting feedback.
  • March 11: Response to feedback, preparation for 4CD discussions and CCC ASC meeting. Resource document.
    • March 12 resource document: The resource document: review of events, 4CD message, other institutions’ response, ASU letter, possible recommendations
    • March 12: Better version of resource doc sent out
  • March 13: Instructional questions and dean meeting, Distance Education committee is working, non-instructional concerns being forwarded (UF, student services, etc), emergency remote instruction does not have to be perfect
  • March 13: Remote instruction reminder from DE committee
  • March 15: Videos. Preparation for ASC meeting discussion about curriculum and equity. (students, remote lab/performance).
  • March 16: The shelter-in-place day. Link to COR (Course Outline of Records)
  • March 17: Welcome center student help, why we are not pausing to cope with overwhelmed feeling, anxiety tool.
  • March 18: First day of remote instruction. Synchronous zoom not required, website with student resources, resource request form, acknowledgement of many concerns and comments.
  • March 20: don’t let students fall through the cracks, recap of resource documents, new faculty resource website
  • March 24: Professional development committee focus on equity and online pedagogy – join the facebook group. Survey about lab/performance/activity courses to inform ASC. A&R solutions coming soon.