Planning Committee Meeting


  • Lead the creation and monitoring of the College Strategic Plan
  • Monitor the implementation of campus-wide plans and initiatives as they relate to the College Strategic Plan
  • Oversee the program review validation process
  • Maintain and archive evidence that will support accreditation process and the continuous improvement of institutional effectiveness measures and processes
  • Make recommendations to College Council and Budget Committee

Planning Committee – Program Review and Validation

Oversee the Program Review Validation Process :  Draft 1 (10/4/19)

  1. Evaluate and provide feedback on the quality of program review self-study documents.
  2.  Validate completed program review documents
  3. Monitor integration of program review process with strategic planning.
  4. Provide guidance to the College in the use of program review materials and the process of program review (e.g. student success and budgeting).
  5.  Annually evaluate the effectiveness of the program review process and policies and procedures related to program review, and recommend improvements and revisions as needed.

Planning Committee and its validation sub-committees, including the SLO/AUO committee chair.

  1. Form Program Review Validation Teams with representation from the four constituency groups within the Planning Committee with the responsibility for providing guidance to the College regarding the program review process and feedback on the quality of the program review documents submitted by the areas undergoing a comprehensive review.
  2. Program Review Validation Teams work closely with each program by validating and forwarding documents for ongoing strategic planning.
  3. Planning Committee holds responsibility for the validation process to develop expertise and ensure continuity and consistency.