Multiple Scholarship Winner Muna Alansi Believes in Giving Back

As a first-generation college student – and on her second try at higher education – Muna Alansi reflected on that moment she decided to attend Contra Costa College (CCC). “I was a bit reluctant about going back to school, one in my 30s, two as a mother, and three as a Muslim,” shared Muna. “But I have felt nothing but acceptance, kindness, and a strong sense of community at CCC. And I know I probably would not have gotten that same experience elsewhere.”

Muna has a background in early childhood education and worked with special needs children, including her own son. After several years in the field, she decided to go back to college to study computer operations and programming. She is considering a potential career in data analytics with the hope of making a livable wage, a career she hopes offers flexibility and the option for remote work, so she can spend more time with her family and community.

Muna’s burden of working multiple jobs to make ends meet while struggling to attend CCC full-time lightened greatly when she received $12,000 in scholarships from the CCC Foundation. She received the Packard-Zell Memorial Scholarship, Genirberg Family Scholarship, Christian Fritz & Marlene Keller STEM Scholarship, and the Associated Student Union Leadership Scholarship. Muna filled out the application with the help of her math and philosophy professors who helped her tell her story and also served as references and was thrilled to receive such generous support.

“The moment I read the emails from the CCC Foundation, I was like, no, there must be a mistake! I received five separate emails which I thought was the same email but then I started reading the names of each of the scholarships received. And that was when I was like, oh wow, I think I just received five scholarships,” she exclaimed. “It made me feel a sense of gratitude, it has brought me peace of mind, I can be a full-time student, and I’m so appreciative to the Contra Costa College Foundation.”

A strong believer in giving back, Muna is actively involved in community activities, including an internship focused on advocating for childcare funding for student-parents and volunteering at her local mosque. She even declined one of her five scholarships to give another student an opportunity.

With her awarded scholarships, Muna now has more time to focus on her education, family, and community. “I was on the fence about taking more than 12 units. I’m able to do that with this help. Having that financial cushion to fall back on has made an impact on being able to stay focused on my academic goals, as well as hire a tutor for my son.”