CCC Unveils New Scholarship for Students Facing Financial Hardship

Thanks to a new grant from Ellucian, Contra Costa College students facing economic hardship were eligible for the Progress, Accomplishment, Thriving, Hope (PATH) Scholarship for the first time this year.  

$10,000 was awarded to the college, then distributed to ten students, to help cover items such as housing, tuition and food.  

“In an environment where inflation is especially high,” explains CCC Director of Financial Aid Monica Rodriguez, “The cost of living alone has become a huge barrier for the mostly Latinx and Black communities we serve at Contra Costa College. The PATH scholarship funds will go a long way to cover students’ basic needs and ensure they can remain enrolled and successful.” 

Rodriguez, alongside Scholarship Program Specialist Alfredo Cardona, developed the program and application earlier this month. They reviewed and selected recipients based on how well they demonstrated the spirit of the scholarship: Progress, Accomplishment, Thriving, and Hope.

“No student should ever be denied an education due to lack of funding,” said Jennifer Welding, Executive Director of the Ellucian Foundation. “The PATH Scholarship helps students navigate through financial challenges to reach their educational goals.”