One more week – still lots to do!

In our 15th week of the semester, there always seems to be a flurry of tasks to get done! There are also the big decisions: Which things from my list should I finally make space to complete? Which should I put on my list for next semester? Which ideas that seemed good at one point should I abandon forever? Today I’m reflecting on the blessing of academic time. I feel lucky for this structure that encourages me to document accomplishments, and also re-invent and re-invigorate myself in my work each and every semester.

Vote on by-laws changes by the Full Academic Senate (this means you!)

Your Academic Senate Council (ASC) has recommended a number of changes to our Academic Senate constitution and by-laws. Two of the proposed changes simply align the document with current practice, and can be viewed as a sort of “clean up” activity that we faculty should do.

There is one very exciting change to vote on, however. Following the leadership of Marisol Cantu (ESL), and Amanda Choi (former part-time librarian at CCC and now in a full-time position at DVC), the ASC has strongly recommended adding a voting seat to the ASC that represents the part-time faculty on our campus. Of course, a part-time faculty can (and has!) represent a division on the council, but this proposed change adds a seat specifically to ensure that the valuable part-time faculty perspective is represented in deliberations and decisions about academic and professional matters.

If you are a faculty member, please vote using this link by May 19. Each faculty member has one vote and it is not anonymous. The Academic Senate Office will tally the votes on May 19 and I will report the results to all faculty via email. I prepared sort of a ‘voter guide’ explaining the reasons and specifics for the proposed changes, and Lynette Kral prepared a version of the complete constitution and by-laws showing the proposed changes in context.

Hiring Permanent Dean of the ACCE Division

Permanent Dean of ACCE : Faculty needed for hiring committeeCCC’s long road of hiring continues, though it seems the end is finally in sight. By my count, this is the seventeenth administrator/manager hiring we’ve had at the college since Fall 2019. CCC faculty have also been part of four district-level hiring events in that time. I think that all of us campus colleagues can be proud of ourselves to have come through this time of transition with purpose and strength. We have the permanent Dean of the ACCE division position, and as always, faculty voice, and broad inclusion of diverse perspectives will help VPI Dr Rogers (the hiring manager) select the best candidate. Please consider offering your expertise – the application is due May 18 at 5pm. The search for the permanent Vice President of Student Services is slated to come sometime soon, with the majority of activity happening right as the Fall semester begins – so keep your eyes out for that important hire.

Ethnic Studies Teach-in : Learn about the discipline of Ethnic Studies and the work of your faculty colleagues!

The ASC voted to formally endorse the statement from the 4CD Ethnic Studies Council, which was sent to all district faculty on February 22, 2021, with the statement, “The Contra Costa College Academic Senate hereby endorses the letter presented by the 4CD ethnic studies council and is in alignment with and supports the4CD ethnic studies council statement.   We value the expertise of the members of the council. ”

On Tuesday, May 11, we received an invitation from the 4CD Ethnic Studies Council to a teach-in on Tuesday, August 17 from 11:00AM-12:30PM. I have learned so much from working with CCC colleagues in this field over this past year. I encourage everyone to attend this event!

Statewide ASCCC opportunities for professional development opportunities and service

I write about ASCCC resources quite often. First, this is because I’ve found the organization to be a fantastic resource for information related to 10+1 issues and the role of faculty. The second reason is more important to me. By interacting with and hearing presentations from community college colleagues from all around the State of California, I’ve gained a ton of perspective about us here at CCC. Some of the difficulties we experience are encountered by just about everyone else at every other college. This has been a relief to find out! No wonder it feels like we are spinning our wheels sometimes … our state system must encourage particular problems, and these will be difficult to solve locally.

There are other issues, however, that are quite special to us at CCC, and understanding better which things these are have helped me maintain focus, persistence, and a belief that doing work here locally can make a difference. You know what else, though? I’ve learned how very special, amazing, groundbreaking, fabulous, and wonderful Contra Costa College is when compared to other schools in our system. I’m so proud when I say I’m from CCC, and it’s because of the heart, spirit, and dedication everyone here shows to our students and our mission – everyday.

The ASCCC newsletter has lots of opportunities listed.

  • Statewide service is a way to really get to know counterparts from other colleges.
  • The institutes and plenary conferences are fabulous professional development events.
  • Proposed changes to the disciplines list (minimum qualifications to teach in a subject area) are discussed
  • The process for adding Ethnic Studies to the community college degree requirement via BOG Title V regulations
  • A civic engagement summit

Congratulate our graduates!

Don’t forget to share some virtual greetings by May 14. Use this link!