April showers bring …

Graduation Celebration!!

I’m looking forward to sharing a few of our faculty words of wisdom with the 2021 CCC graduates. It’s a 2 minute recorded speech, and I have received a bunch of great ideas already. Please send along any you’ve been holding onto today (Friday) to my email. I have to turn in the script by noon on Monday.

Preparation for the Fall semester (already!)

Our campus wide committees are organized with chairs and members. It will be wonderful to start the Fall semester with clarity about meeting dates, committee purpose and who plans to be at the table. We have one important committee leadership position still vacant: Guided Pathways Programs Pathways and Pedagogy workgroup co-chair. This group will be guiding us about how meta majors will impact programs of study, and also how best to present general education course options to various student populations. I think we all hope that there will be bandwidth to move to a focus on pedagogy as the GP work shifts to the later pillars! Please apply or encourage that amazing colleague to apply by 5pm May 3.

Enrollment for fall has begun for group 1 priority students. Let’s all encourage our students to keep moving towards their goals. Hopefully the new $10M contract the district for a 3 year Enrollment Recovery Program will help us get the word out about our amazing courses!

As we think about how to set up our courses for the fall, check out this survey of student preferences done by 4CD. It was sent of currently enrolled students via SMS, email, and InSite Alert.

Reflecting on our accomplishments

We have all put tremendous effort into creating a supportive and effective learning environment for our students this last year. Please take the time to celebrate yourself and the impact you’ve had on those in your classes and counseling offices.

I wanted to lift up our amazing curriculum committee and their groundbreaking work this semester to incorporate an emphasis on social and racial justice in our existing systems.  The content review process has always been required, and now it calls on us to reflect on how our curriculum choices are affecting different types of students.  Our COR’s can absolutely become tools for  transformation!  (#19-22)

Pride flag against sky
Pride flag: the 4CD governing board has finally allowed us to fly this in June for Pride Month!