The 5th week already?!

Please make time for Joint anti-racism forum at DVC Monday

Although only 12 folks from CCC have taken the anti-racism pledge so far this month, I know that we actually have so many more personal and professional commitments to this work here at the college! Please take a moment to share your own plans and thoughts in this important work. You can more about what we can do together as an institution and get ideas about specific steps on Monday March 1 from 2:30-4pm. Thanks to DVC for arranging a Joint Senate Forum titled, “Fostering Allyship and Community: Becoming an Anti-Racist Institution” . To sign up, use GROW and search for fostering. The session will come up. If you are logged into Insite, this direct link may be a faster way to sign up. Here are some additional resources to help inspire you!

Student leadership – please help ASU recruiting

Please help make sure the ASU stays strong through this pandemic. Take a moment in each of your classes this week to highlight the leadership development opportunity available through ASU, share the application, and encourage students to apply. Students have been showing such fantastic leadership across all of our committees these past couple of years, let’s not lose this momentum to graduations!

The Student Success committee has been a highlight of student leadership, with strong student participation making sure that the committee sees things from the student perspective. Please come check out their work on Tuesday from 3-5PM. Rod Santos sent an email to us with the details (Thursday 7:30AM if you need to hunt!).

Governing Board and District notes

Our new Chancellor, Bryan Reece, has been busy! At the governing board meeting last night he presented the HR job description for the Permanent CCC President and recruitment profile. He also briefly discussed his plan for an Enrollment Recovery Campaign to grow our district enrollment by 15,000 over the next 3 years. He highlights the importance of making sure the opportunity for a college education is strongly considered by all of the high school graduates and recently unemployed in our service area, as well as many other groups. Increasing enrollment is also essential because of the projected revenue loss our district will face when the SCFF goes into full effect in a couple of years. The board received and read the ACCJC accreditation findings, and expressed their commitment to taking actions that will lead to a a satisfied visiting team this October. I want to share that during the meeting, Trustee Andy Li apologized to all of the colleges for this situation, which I appreciated hearing.