We made it! Have a very restful break!

ASC business

The Academic Senate Council had a long discussion about modality of instruction for Summer and Fall 2021. I will bring those ideas to the district Consultation Council meeting next week. ASC Senators shared that overall, faculty and students are doing alright with online, the current hybrid courses are ok, and folks can continue on as they have this fall as needed for safety. A few areas on campus expressed preference for increased % of in-person class meetings. Making sure the schedule is very clear about class meeting expectations for students was front and center, as was the acknowledgment that some amount of prioritization of space on campus might be needed as more and more in-person meetings are scheduled with space and safety restrictions still in place.

On a happier note, the ASC strongly recommends that the all faculty vote to approve an amendment to the A.S. bylaws that creates a full senate council voting position for a part-time faculty representative on the ASC. You will be asked to vote in February for this change to the senate by-laws.

The CIC is going above and beyond in COVID response efforts, and having a meeting on Monday to approve Distance Education addenda covering Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 course offerings. Thank your CIC rep! Also thank Maritez Apigo for working hard to process all of these forms to make sure your class is able to be taught!

The ASC heard a report out from the small group that was tasked on October 5 with exploring next steps for Ethnic Studies degree requirements. Their communication to all faculty was presented for a first review by the ASC and expected to be shared as the spring semester begins.

Your senate representatives passed by acclimation two resolutions honoring Mariles Magalong and Lt. Tom Holt on their retirements. Please read the resolutions here and be sure to give Mariles your own well wishes before she departs CCC. Lt. Holt has already retired.

Congratulations to ASC President-elect Gabriela Segade and ASC Vice President/CIC chair-elect Anthony Gordon! We are so lucky to have two such committed faculty working on our behalf. They will be shadowing Mark and I during the spring semester, and take over their positions on July 1, 2021.

A few other things

Strategic Enrollment Management (S.E.M.). It’s been a slow getting going, but there will finally be a first college-wide meeting to begin S.E.M. work at CCC. This is about more than scheduling! Please plan to join the meeting at 8:30AM on Thursday of FLEX week (Jan 21)

Speaking of meetings, planning and running them is a big part of their utility! If you attend or plan to run meetings – please consider the “Outside the Room Where “It” Happens! Developing a meeting culture before, during, and after a meeting.” FLEX on Wednesday Jan 20 at 2:30. I had the privilege of supporting Nickawanna Shaw from Citrus College at this ASCCC webinar last month, and I’m so glad to be able to share her wisdom, insight, and also basic tools for leading a meeting.

Please appreciate yourself and have a wonderful break. You deserve it!