Time for a brief rest and reflection

Dean of Enrollment and other hiring – faculty needed!

The college is hiring a Permanent Dean of Enrollment, and faculty are needed for the committee. Deadline to submit your application to serve is December 1at 5pm (email to Many other hirings will be happening in the near future: Permanent Dean of AACE Division, VP of Business, VP of Student Services, Permanent Director of A&R, Permanent President, and Nursing and Library full-time faculty. Keep an eye out for opportunities from the ASC to be on these management hiring committees, and for faculty hires, reach out to the department chairs to share your interest in helping!

Should courses in the summer and fall of 2021 be online only, hybrid, in-person????

The Academic Senate Presidents from all 3 colleges have been asked to weigh in on this decision for the district by the week of December 14. The ASC asked me to do a survey of faculty to find out what everyone thinks, and we are collaborating with the UF to get and share this information. Please take the UF survey, and know that the information from Part I, planning ahead, will be shared with the CCC ASC and discussed on December 7.

Start welcoming our new ASC President and Vice President!

Thanks to Gabriela Segade and Anthony Gordon for stepping up and nominating themselves for these positions. If you haven’t yet, please vote! The final announcement will be made at the December 7 ASC meeting.

Opportunities from ASCCC: Part time and hiring practices… and more!

The ASCCC continues to be a great resource for many of the issues we find ourselves dealing with here at CCC. Part-time faculty concerns, hiring practices – including equivalency, developing resources for anti-racist equitable and inclusive educational practices, zero textbook costs, effects of non-repeatability policies, adding an ethnic studies requirement for associates degrees, and supporting work for hard-to-convert courses are just some of the topics.

Thank you for supporting our students!

I know this has been such a hard semester. I am only teaching one class and I feel it! Thank you for the energy and care you project each day/week to the students in your courses. Your support is helping them so much, and I know it takes a lot from your own pool of energy to keep the motivation going – both for yourself and for your students. You are doing such amazing things…don’t forget to reflect on the positive impact you make.