Midterm season – yup.

Student costume contest!

I learned this morning that the ASU-sponsored “spooky costume contest” is posted on instagram (#spookyasu) ! Our awesome student leaders thought that grocery gift cards are the best type of prize. Check out the fun by following @asuccc !

Collegiality in Action – Finally happening!

I will finally be quiet about this, since it’ll be over by Tuesday! It’s been a year in the making, but please do make some time Monday afternoon to learn: 1. what IS participatory governance? 2. what participatory governance IS NOT… and 3. start to figure out where and how you should enter the processes at CCC to champion issues that matter to you.

Let’s make sure we know how best to use participatory governance to support what we do best as faculty – teach, advise, and mentor the students of CCC!

Monday, November 2, 3-5 PM. See your calendar invite from Dr. Bell for zoom information.

Do you count yourself as an ‘involved’ faculty member? You are NOT alone – YAY!

I’m excited to report on some counting I’ve done over the past month at campus meetings:

  • 29 faculty at the Racial Justice forum this week
  • 25 faculty at the Guided Pathways event last week
  • 11 faculty at the Marketing and Recruitment meeting … a committee that doesn’t even have a full structure yet!
  • 11 faculty at the last Professional Development meeting
  • Up to 20 faculty at Distance Education committee meetings
  • 11 faculty took time to speak at the event accreditation town hall (5:30-7pm!), and sure showed what a great college we are!
  • 65% of full-time faculty are doing college-wide committee service, and of those remaining, about 50% are either new or on a workload reduction right now

We are doing a great job coming together as a faculty involved in campus life. I’m so looking forward to doing this in person!!!

Opportunities to weigh in on decisions abound!

Even though election season is grueling, I still appreciate all of the democratic systems we have here in California. The BOG (board of governors of the CA community college system) is about to consider many new Title V regulations. These have the force of law, and there is a 15 day period for public comment. Sometimes when folks say, “the state says we have to do X”, they mean Title V. The Chancellor’s website has information about the following new regulations.

  • Direct Assessment Competency-Based Education (CBE)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) & College Level Exam Program (CLEP) Examinations
  • Correspondence Education
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
  • CollegeBuys Program for the Procurement of Goods and Services for CCD
  • Student Senate for California Community Colleges
  • Board Conflict of Interest Code

The ASCCC is having the fall plenary next week, and there is opportunity to weigh in on the many resolutions being considered by our faculty representatives statewide. These are statements representing the position of our faculty colleagues statewide, and direct the actions of our ASCCC (State Academic Senate) and the work done on behalf of faculty at the state level. Also, be sure to tell me your thoughts so I know how to vote, or if you’d like me to propose an amendment!

Statewide updates and resources

We are doing so much groundbreaking work here at CCC, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we are part of a larger community college system with other schools addressing the same issues. For instance, our racial justice and distance education leaders are not alone in some familiar issues:

CCCAOE (the statewide CTE administrator’s group) is hosting a series called “Wednesday Night Conversations: NOW WHAT: Defining the Roadmap to Racial Justice

The state chancellor’s office issues legal opinions. There are a few interesting ones this year: