We are over halfway there. Week 9, whew!

This has felt like a very long semester so far to me, how about you? Now, though, I feel like there is so much to get done and there is hardly any time left! I did vote yesterday, so there is one good accomplishment, at least. This week’s blog just has a few quick notes:

Big 4 and College Council Committee Reports

Thanks to Sue, Troy, and Maritez – who shared brief reports from the participatory governance (PG) committees they sit on. To improve communication and the usefulness of our college’s PG system, The ASC has asked that the faculty representing us to take a few moments each month to share one or two committee actions or discussion that are important for faculty to know about. The tool also produces some neat graphs highlighting which areas of The 10+1 and CCC’s strategic plan are related to the topic.

  • BUDGET: We worked on how to get the CARES money out. (It’s about $642,000, and can be used for almost anything needed because of having to make changes due to corona virus.)
    • Excellent student success discussions
    • Sub-Committees of the SSC are: PD, SLO & AUO Committee. Workgroups for Racial and Social Justice and AB705 Task Force also report here
    • Textbook affordability survey results and ASU’s OER resolution presented

While PLANNING, COLLEGE COUNCIL, and OPERATIONS representatives didn’t provide reports this month, the ASC hopes that it will become a simple habit for all faculty to share interesting PG committee work!

Collegiality in Action: November 2, 3-5PM

Joy sent us all a survey to help the statewide leaders craft an event tailored to our needs here at CCC. Please TAKE THE SURVEY by October 26 to make sure we have a successful event that helps us improve as a college!

Program Review revamp: Will CCC be able to make all budget decisions based on data and analysis found in program reviews?

Our Strategic Plan declares that over the next 5 years we will! Program review and budgeting processes are part of the 10+1, so faculty have a responsibility to be part of this work, sharing our expertise on academic and professional matters. Thanks to Vanna and Andrea, who volunteered at the Council of Chairs to join Jon Celesia (planning chair) and me (ASC President) in work on this project. This group will be doing ongoing work throughout the year in conjunction with the planning committee. A few more faculty volunteers would definitely help make this a success!

  • Goal 1.2 Steward College Resources in alignment with Strategic Plan utilizing a clear, transparent, data-based decision-making process for the College Budget
    • AA1.2.1 Develop and implement a comprehensive process to holistically evaluate the program review process
    • AA1.2.2 Conduct a comprehensive review of programs and services, resulting in a prioritization that is widely communicated
    • AA1.2.3 Develop a comprehensive and transparent budget setting and projecting process aligned with the Strategic Plan

Let’s make sure that the result of this is the best possible utilization of resources to support our amazing work with students!

Guided Pathways Event tomorrow!

Thursday October 22, 3-4:30PM. Guided Pathways is moving forward and the Steering Committee has planned an interactive event for our community. During the Guided Pathways Forum, you will: 1. Learn how your input is informing the work 2. INTERACT with a career cluster model as a student 3. Explore the benefits of general education requirements within Guided Pathways. This critical meeting is the next step in tackling Goal 2 of our strategic plan. Everyone’s input and participation is needed. Please Register in advance for this meeting:


Remember to volunteer to serve on the hiring committee for NSAS Division dean. Faculty volunteers for the Dean of Enrollment hiring committee will be needed soon as well!

We have to ‘hire’ a new ASC President and Vice President

The elections for these positions are coming up. Please explore this opportunity for college service. The ASCCC fall plenary is a great way to develop some expertise of your own and support whomever wins these positions. Contact me ( to let me know you plan to attend and then register! The ASC will reimburse your registration fee.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

The ASC just passed a resolution supporting faculty engagement with OER materials. This is in support of our Associated Student Union’s own resolution urging us faculty to consider these types of materials. Maybe since this online world is forcing us to re-configure some of our teaching methods, it’s a natural opportunity to see if OER can work in our courses. If you are already using zero cost textbooks (ZTC), make sure this designation gets in the Spring 2021 schedule!