Accreditation visit blog

Museum Exhibit dialogue tonight!

Explore the history and culture of the Black Experience in North Richmond, with a dialogue and reception tonight (Wednesday October 7). 7pm-8:30pm. Zoom meeting # 99573456024. Our very own Melinda McCrary will be part of the presentation! If you can’t make the live presentation, the exhibit is found here.

Up-and-coming Committees

The long-awaited return of the Marketing and Recruitment committee is next week! Tuesday October 13 from 2-3:30PM. Rod Santos and Larry Womack are re-vitalizing this committee. This will be the shared governance place where broad input about how we at CCC projects ourselves into the community is shared and discussed to inform decision.

A Strategic Enrollment Management Committee (schedule, analysis of enrollment trends…and more) will also be coming soon. A small group is doing pre-work to make sure the first meeting, which will be sometime in November, is well-structured so all who want lend expertise to this work have opportunity and a clear way forward!

The Student Learning Outcome /Administrative Unit Outcome (SLO/AUO Committee) will have increased prominence as CCC moves from defining SLO’s and their assessments to more systematically collecting and using the assessment data. Join Brandy Gibson, our fabulous chair from the part-time faculty ranks, at the first meeting on Tuesday October 13 from 1-2pm.

Guided Pathways – big meeting Oct 22!

Before the meeting, please view the Guided Pathways workgroup videos  and complete Guided Pathways feedback survey. The team needs to know what you think so they can prepare a great event where accomplishments are made!

The team is also looking for a Program Supports Workgroup faculty lead. This job has 20% release time. It’ll be hard to fill Kelley Candungug’s shoes here, but someone should try! 😉

How is Participatory Governance SUPPOSED to work?

We have a Collegiality in Action visit coming up November 2 from 3-5pm. Save the Date! This had been scheduled for this past March, but… COVID-19. Leaders representing California’s Community College CEO’s (presidents and chancellors) and the President of the ASCCC (CA State Academic Senate) will present the basics of Participatory Governance. The 10+1 is part of this. I’ve found a statewide perspective to be so helpful in understanding what we at CCC are doing well, and what ways we can improve in using broad perspectives to make the best decisions for our college and our students. I hope to see you there!