Harvest season is a busy time!

There is a lot going on as we wrap up September.  The 10+1 of Academic and Professional Matters turns out to be a pretty extensive list! 

Accreditation Town Hall

Our accreditation visit starts Monday, October 5.  Please participate in the Town Hall this Wednesday at 3pm. The Accreditation Steering Committee will share quick overviews of the way CCC is presenting itself to the visiting team, and field questions from you to clarify points and build a shared understanding of who we say we are!  This will be important practice for those representing our college to the accreditors, so please attend and help with your constructive input! 

Hiring Permanent Deans

The search for a permanent Dean of the NSAS division and permanent dean of Enrollment is on!   Dr. Bell would like the ASC to nominate 6 faculty for EACH of these hiring committees.  We’ll need a lot of faculty voices.  

Guided Pathways needs another faculty leader!  

The Pathways Supports Workgroup Faculty co-chair position is vacant, with 20% release time.  Work with Natasha DeAlmeida and Dennis Franco to lead this excellent team that builds connections between the outside-of-class supports that make our students successful and the course sequences that the Pathways Programs and Pedagogy workgroup develop. Here are the job description and application announcement for your reference.

Develop yourself as a faculty leader. 

The state academic senate (ASCCC) holds  many wonderful conferences every year.  I’ve learned so much about how our statewide system of participatory governance, and the nuts and bolts of how a college works from attending these events over the years.  The conferences are virtual this year, so we can send lots of faculty!  Either sign up on your own and get reimbursed, or contact me and the ASC office can get your registered and cover your fees. Here are links to the Fall Plenary and Calendar of Events.

Academic Senate Sets its 2020-21 Priorities

The 23 resolutions in support of racial and social justice your representatives passed over the summer set out some ambitious goals.  Last week, the ASC chose 10 specific actions to take during this year and prioritized them. Top priorities include Program Review and its relationship to Budgeting, making curriculum and curriculum process more responsive to issues of equity and racial justice.  Ongoing efforts by the ASC this year will follow these directions, and hopefully not interrupted by too many emergencies!  

Special Meeting to discuss DVC and LMC’s vote of no confidence in 3 governing board members. 

We had an informative special meeting about DVC and LMC’s resolutions of no confidence in 3 members of the district governing board on Monday morning.  The ASC decided to consider an alternate resolution at our next regular meeting.

Participatory Governance Committees – Faculty Representative appointments

Congratulations and thank you to our colleagues for representing faculty voice on College Council and the Big 4. These places are where campus-wide decisions are deliberated and recommendations made. Planning and Operations have one vacancy each.

  • College Council:  Nikki Ferguson, Stephanie Austin, Vanna Gonzalez, Marisol Cantu, Katie Krolikowski (ASC Pres. and current chair)
  • Planning: Jeffrey Michaels, Joy Eichner-Lynch, Chao Liu, Katie Krolikowski (ASC Pres.), Jon Celesia (chair)
  • Budget: Andrew Kuo, Sue VanHattum, Katie Krolikowski (ASC Pres)
  • Operations: Elaine Gerber, Katie Krolikowski (ASC Pres)
  • Student Success: Maritez Apigo, Nikki Ferguson ; (Alternates: Nooshi Borhan, Shelley Ruby, Brianne Ayala, MIchell Naidoo, Troy Hess)

Academic Senate Council Sub-committees membership was also recognized.  These are wholly faculty-run because they address #1 and #2 of the 10+1 , curriculum and programs, which are faculty purview.   CIC has 2 vacancies, in the the SES and AACE divisions. 

  • Curriculum Instruction Committee: Leslie Alexander, Jennifer Ounjian, Anthony Gordon, Ben Jahn and Jennifer Griest, Najia Azizi (articulation officer), Brianne Ayala, Mark Wong (chair)
  • Distance Education Committee:  Kristin Lassonde, Dionne Perez, Erica Watson, Anthony Gordon, Jessica Le, Francis Reyes, Michel Kilivris, Marisol Cantu, Lauren Nahas, Carlos-Manuel Chavarria, Monica Landeros, Jennifer Ounjian, Bashir Shah, Maritez Apigo (chair)
  • Equivalency Committee:  Mark Wong, Beth Goehring, Andrea Phillips, Katie Krolikowski (ASC Pres/chair)