Another week, another (couple of) issue(s)

Potential vote of no confidence

Our sister college’s academic senates (and also the classified senate at DVC) are considering resolutions stating vote of no confidence in 4CD board members. See DVC’s resolutions and joint senate meeting agenda (with zoom info) here. Discussion of this issue will be on our own ASC meeting agenda next week, September 21.

Vice President of Instruction Hiring Committee

Dr Bell has asked that the Academic Senate nominate 2 faculty for the paper screening committee and 3 faculty for the interview. The deadline for submitting applications to serve on this important hiring committee is 5pm on Tuesday September 22. This will give the ASC time to review the applications according to the procedure that’s been followed since August 2019 and make nominations to Dr. Bell by September 24. Here is the job posting.

Note that hiring committees for Dean of NSAS and Dean of Enrollment Services will also be forming during this fall semester. There is LOTS of opportunity to make a difference in hiring managers at CCC.

“Big 4” committee membership

Planning needs 2 more faculty members to participate. NSAS and LA are well-represented, but AACE and SES have no one. Since CTE programs undergo program review every 2 years, I encourage at least one CTE faculty to step up and inform changes to program review that will be developed this year. 1st Fridays 12:30-2:30PM

Operations needs 1 more faculty member to participate. The infrastructure of our campus is so important to our doing our work effectively for students. Please consider lending your expertise. 2nd and 4th Mondays 9:30-10:30 AM

Remember, everyone needs to find a committee and represent faculty perspective in campus-wide governance. Next week I’ll list the “3rd tier” of committees so we can all find our place.

Governing Board other news

Special meeting Wednesday sept 16. Topics include, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion and Legally Compliant Strategies to Improve Workforce Diversity. Agenda information at BoardDocs site.

The board will be selecting a new chancellor. Share your question suggestions for the fora and stay tuned for other opportunities to provide input to the board members.