New Chancellor. Enrollment concerns. Governance participation.

I hope the semester’s routine is settling in well, and that engagement with students is a bright spot in each of your days. The extra effort you are making for online success is so important to students and is definitely appreciated!

“Big 4” Committees need members:  

Planning committee has 2 empty faculty positions:

Proposed changes to the Program Review process will be a major topic of the Planning Committee this year.  It is essential that faculty be part of this conversation, because program review has tremendous impact on department staffing, course offerings, and budget.  While it’s true that no changes can be made to processes for program review or budgeting without faculty consent (these are #9 and #10 in the 10+1 academic and professional matters under the purview of the academic senate), we can’t just sit back and complain or block changes if we don’t like what is proposed.  We faculty need to be involved as new review and budgeting processes are developed so the new system makes sense for the work we do every day in classrooms and counseling offices.  Planning meets monthly on the first Friday 12:30-2:30pm, with some ‘homework’ in between meetings. 

Operations committee has 1 empty faculty position

Have the fires, GE building issues, signage rules, technology glitches or COVID pandemic caused you concern?   The operations committees the place to “raise issues and take immediate action on problems pertaining to the daily operations or routine operations of the college, its instructional and service programs/units” and “make recommendations for the prioritization of maintenance and upgrade of existing facilities”, among other things. Operations meets twice a month on 2nd and 4th Monday 9:30-10:30AM. 

Student Success has more faculty attending than there are voting seats!

Great stuff is happening here!   Did you know that the SLO committee reports to the student success committee?   The SLO committee will be developing a new vision for how we use SLO’s to help us match our teaching to our students needs, and identify resources that can help us in that work!   2nd Tuesday of the month 1-2 pm with some homework between.  The Professional Development committee also reports to the Student Success committee

Guided Pathways Pathway Supports: Faculty co-lead needed!

This is a release time position (OAS compensation also available), previously filled by the awesome Kelley Cadungug.  Your co-chairs would be Dennis Franco and Natasha DeAlmeida, who are awesome to work with! 

Chancellor Fora: mark your calendar for the entire afternoon of September 17

Candidates forwarded after today’s interviews with the Governing Board will be giving presentations.  Plan to watch so you can advise the governing board on who would make the best chancellor for our college and our district! 

Enrollment Management Concerns

Dr Bell’s Tuesday update and Dean Berner’s discussion at the Council of Chairs last week caused some faculty to reach out to the UF and the Academic Senate. Jeffrey Michels and I wrote this letter to Dr Bell voicing these concerns and advocating for faculty voice.  I am pleased to share that Dr Bell has scheduled a follow-up meeting for Thursday with UF and ASC leadership.  Stay tuned for information on that meeting’s outcome.