AASA Call to Action, Collegiality

Good morning,

Now is the time! I am so excited about last week’s momentum after the caravan and the town hall meeting.  I am encouraged by the comments and commitments from so many of you. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Town Hall meeting. True leadership shone through from all constituent groups.  I encourage all constituent groups to continue working on action steps to eradicate systemic and structural racism to ensure equity, safety and inclusiveness in our work environment.

In the fall, racial justice action steps will be a standing agenda item for President’s Cabinet.  This will allow constituent group presidents to talk with each other about the topic as well as allow me to receive regular status updates.  In addition to the work being done this summer with managers, I will be working with PD to develop a plan for faculty and staff for 2020/21.  I encourage everyone to read the Call to Action put forth by the African American Staff Association.

This will be very hard work so it is important to keep in mind, as we move through this culture change, to communicate in a way that builds bridges, not walls.  We need everyone to participate in this work, so we don’t want to shut anyone out or down. Be kind with your words and generous with your grace.  Your colleagues, the budget, the district is not the enemy.  Status quo is the true enemy! 

Please participate in this webinar if it fit into your schedule:

Addressing Anti-Blackness on Campus:  Implications for Educators and Institutions

In this webinar, the presenters will address tangible strategies for addressing anti-Blackness in schools, colleges, and universities.

June 24, 2020, 2pm

Register:  https:/

In Solidarity,


Damon A. Bell, Ed.D.

Interim President