It’s been one month: Happy Anniversary!

May the Fourth be with you: 2-4 pm All-faculty Senate meeting – mark your calendar!

The Academic Senate Council is hosting an all-senate meeting during the ASC regular meeting time on May 4. Let’s celebrate faculty contributions to our college, share hopes and dreams for next year, and have some fun. Costume contest, displays of creativity, fabulous prizes and warm wishes are part of our agenda! Look out for your formal invitation.

“hard-to-convert” courses

Dr. Huff, 4CD’s Interim Chancellor, announced plans for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters in his April 8 email. In it he mentioned that hard-to-convert courses would be addressed on a case-by-case basis, and that more details would be shared at each college. Dr Huff’s also communicated ideas about this topic in March 31 and and March 27 emails, and the State Chancellor’s Office issued guidance on March 20. On April 6, CCC’s ASC approved a resolution regarding hard-to-convert courses and recommends the following steps:

  • Carefully analyze the Course Outline of Record (COR) for the course in question (ASC President or VP are happy to help!) to identify essential elements of laboratory objectives and SLO‘s which cannot be accomplished remotely
  • Construct a plan that accomplishes the minimal in-person content necessary for adequate completion of the course. This must include :
    • Clear, exact descriptions of each activity a students must perform
    • Exact number of hours required to complete the activities
    • Options for scheduling in-person meetings (eg. special meetings and when they would be scheduled, joining a session of the class in a future semester, etc)
  • Provide to each student the specific expectations and instructions for each completion option well in advance of the May 15 withdraw deadline so that students can make the best choice for their educational goals
  • Work with department chair, division dean, and UF representative (if appropriate) to schedule necessary class components for each student

CCC’s ASC also discussed the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 schedules, and supports these principles in making decisions.

Supporting remote instruction

Success Coaches for Students: Do you have students who are continually confused about this newly remote class? Have you noticed a student who seems shy about reaching out to get the help they need? Success Coaches are available !! Please refer students and assist them in making an appointment with an individual coach so they will have a personal guide.

  • Discipline specific statewide conversations hosted by ASCCC (state academic senate) from April 13-24 sign up to find out what your colleagues across the state are thinking and doing.
  • CCC’s Professional Development Committee has a facebook group to support equity and collegial support for in remote instruction- email Agustin Palacios ( to join this community
  • Distance Education Committee continues to provide individual support and training

Campus business: past, present, future

Accreditation ISER – the past: The Accreditation Steering Committee is wrapping up work on CCC’s ISER, which will be read and approved by the College Council during its two May meetings. Look for training and discussion opportunities hosted by this committee so you can prepare for our virtual visit from the ACCJC in October.

Budget – the present: The Budget Committee is in the middle of reviewing educational equipment and operating fund augmentation requests made via our WEPR Unit Plan process. Recommendations will be shared at the Planning Committee’s May meeting and approved by the College Council in May.

Strategic Plan – the future: The Planning Committee has been working hard to prepare the draft Strategic Plan, and looks forward to hosting the campus community at an April 24 event for a final conversation. The College Council will read and approve the plan during its two May meetings.