For a high percentage of students at Contra Costa College, tuition and other associated expenses such as transportation, books, food and rent are real financial barriers that can prevent them from completing their education.

Every year, the CCC Foundation gives away over $200,000 in scholarships – funds generously donated by our community – to qualifying students who demonstrate financial need and a passion for completing their educational journeys. By donating to or establishing a scholarship, you are helping students at CCC succeed.

If you are interested in contributing to an existing scholarship, please visit our list of scholarships to select one that you wish to support.

Or to establish a new scholarship, you can create either a renewing scholarship or an endowed scholarship. Check out the differences below, and if you have any questions please contact Foundation Director, Sara Marcellino.

Renewing Scholarship ($1,000+)

Want to establish a scholarship? Fill out our scholarship agreement form and email it to Sara Marcellino at The minimum amount for a renewing scholarship is $1,000. Funds must be replenished by donors in order to continue awarding the scholarship(s). Scholarships may go toward students in specific programs, pursuing particular career paths, or intending to continue at CCC or transfer.

Endowed Scholarships ($25,000+)

By establishing an endowed scholarship, you are helping CCC students for generations to come. Endowed scholarships are held in perpetuity, and awards are given out from the return on the principle invested. Endowed scholarships have a minimum requirement of $25,000 invested.