About the Contra Costa College Foundation

Financial support for many of Contra Costa College’s students is critical to get through school. Research shows that completing college classes increases employment and earning opportunities as well as helps foster safety and economic growth in our local communities.

That’s why our 501c (3) nonprofit organization Contra Costa College Foundation (CCCF) has been working since 1967 to increase financial support for our students. Not only will your gift help fund the immediate needs and priorities of students, but it will also help ensure the long term stability of College Costa College.

Funds raised provide support for these key student success initiatives:

Wrap-Around Fund

Contra Costa students are exceptional, yet many cannot afford the high cost of real living expenses. Our primary unrestricted fund, the Wrap-Around Fund supports student success and real student needs. Gifts made to this fund will help with student retention and needs such as mentoring, clinical services or tutoring, books, rent, transportation or childcare.

Student Scholarships

Support with tuition is always helpful to our students. More than $90,000 was available via 52 scholarships exclusively for Contra Costa College students for our last academic year, and we plan to increase that amount this year. Financial scholarships allow students to concentrate on college studies and participate in extracurricular campus activities, creating a well-rounded and successful graduate.

Program Enhancements + Professional Development

With tight program budgets throughout the college, funding will also help complement programmatic needs as they arise. From campus vans to event sponsorship, we will continue to support programs and departments where they need it most.

Thank you for donating today!