Congratulations to the 2014 CCC Foundation Scholarship winners! 

Here is the list of CCC Foundation Scholarships Winners! 

There are two different types of scholarships:

1. CCC Foundation Scholarships
CCC departmental \ program and a variety of other campus based scholarships

2. Outside Scholarships
External organizations that offer scholarships to Contra Costa College students.

Upcoming workshop:

Steps to a Scholarship

Reference Letters

Review all the scholarships and decide which scholarships you want to apply for, work on personal statements and essays. Most importantly: Get reference letters. 

Most scholarship applications require at least two reference letters from professors and employers. Reference letters take time to write and, like you, professors and employers are busy people. Ask now and they will appreciate your initiative, organization skills and advance notice.

Tell your Reference letter writer what scholarship(s) you are applying for and ask them to name the scholarship in the reference letter. Reference letters make a good impression on the selection committee if they are at least 1/2 a page long. You can ask for reference letters from more than one person.

Here are some articles on how to ask for reference letters:

Wikihow Article: How to Ask Your Professor for a Letter of Reference Via Email
Foothill College Career Center: It’s Scholarship Season: how to ask for a letters of recommendation 
How to ask for a Letter of Reference

Writing your Personal Statement \ Essay
Your winning personal statement should allow the scholarship comittee to have an inside glimpse into your life and accomplishments. After reading your personal statement, it is important for the selection committee to come away with feeling like they understood your core interests, skills and values.

Here are some articles on how to write your personal statements:
Scholarship Personal Statement Guide
Top 10 Tips for Writing Effective Scholarship Essays
Scholarship Essays

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