Early Learning Center Mission + Philosophy

The Contra Costa College Early Learning Center is designed to support the optimal development of children, their families, and students of the college. By working in tandem with the Early Childhood Education Department on campus, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise of early childhood to provide a primary example of best practices in caring for and teaching young children. Our commitment is to provide a wide range of anti-bias and anti-racist experiences that promote learning, self-awareness, problem solving, creative expression, kindness towards others, as well as a respect and appreciation for cultural differences and the natural world. We recognize the importance of the early years in human development and seek to provide an environment that supports the development of each individual’s full potential.

The Early Learning Center will:

  • Provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing learning environment for all children and adults.
  • Provide well-prepared learning experiences that meet the individual needs of each child.
  • Provide learning activities and materials that are concrete, real and meaningful to the lives of the children.
  • Provide an environment where Early Childhood students can observe and learn effective teaching practices.
  • Provide quality childcare services to support the academic success of parents who are enrolled at Contra Costa College.
  • Provide a climate of respect, encouragement and support for all.
  • Provide education, support and resources to parents.