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Health + Wellness Resources


Did you know that all current CCC students have free immediate access to medical and mental health support through TimelyCare’s 24-hour on-demand telehealth support, a virtual health and wellbeing program. Whether under the weather, anxious, overwhelmed, or feeling down, you will be able to connect with a licensed provider from your smartphone or any web-enabled device.

If your situation is life-threatening, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

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Available Services through TimelyCare

Medical Now
On-demand support for common health issues.
Scheduled Counseling
Choose your preferred day, time, and mental health provider.
24/7, on-demand emotional support to talk about anything.
Self-Care Content
Visit the explore page for guided self-care content
Scheduled Medical
Choose your preferred day, time, and medical provider
Basic Needs Support
Access to free or reduced-cost community resources.

Personal Care

Gym Showers

Location: Gym Locker Room near Gym Annex Building
Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:30AM-2:30PM

Any and all students who need to use the showers in our gym may do so.

Hygiene Kits

Free Hygiene kits, Hair Products, soaps, razers, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins and other care items are available in the Student Life office and in the Spark Point Office within the Student Administration Building.

Additionally, Hygiene Kits are available at the Gym and within our Compass Market, all free of charge.

Period Products

Free Period Products are available in the Compass Market and throughout the bathrooms on campus. Please check in with Student Life if you need additional supplies.

Sexual Health

Safer Sex Kits are available in Student Life, Compass Market and on tables throughout campus. Have an event? Need extra supplies? Reach out to the Basic Needs Coordinator @

Other Mental Health Resources

If your situation is life-threatening, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

Contra Costa College offers free counseling for students. Our counselors are here to help navigate transitions and challenges you may experience such as depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, or anything else that may be bothering you all in a confidential and safe environment. 

To get connected with a wellness counselor, fill out this referral form. If you have any additional questions, please email or call 510.215.4796.

If your situation is NOT life-threatening, but urgent and you need to talk to someone immediately, contact 211 or the Contra Costa Crisis Center at 800.833.2900. You can also text HOPE to 20121.

For Help Getting Health Insurance:

There are several options for getting health insurance coverage in Contra Costa County. Your eligibility for different programs depends on your income and other personal details. But don’t worry, there are people ready to assist you in determining your eligibility and navigating enrollment.

For information about health coverage programs, you can call Patient Financial Counseling at toll-free 1-800-771-4270 in Contra Costa County. They’ll guide you through the options available and help you find the right coverage for your needs.