Jessica Le

Jessica Le has been a health care professional since 2000.  She began teaching in 2002, but continued to work as a medical assistant in hospitals and private clinics for several years before deciding to teach full-time.

Prior to moving to California in 2015, she served as Assistant Director of Education at a small college in Northeastern Indiana. In addition to leading CCC’s Medical Assisting program, she currently teaches part time at Solano Community College.

“I love it!” She says. “I have the best students – seriously! To be able to help a student evolve from their first semester to their first job offer is a privilege.”

Professor Le had her first child while still in high school. She believes that continuing her education in community college was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Today, she holds an associate degree in medical assisting, a bachelor’s in general studies, with a minor in psychology and focus on race and ethnic relations, and is pursuing a master’s in public health.

She says that she holds strong to some of her Midwestern values and roots, but feels much more at home in California’s diverse, inclusive atmosphere.

She and her husband Nhat have raised five children and three dogs. She describes her family as, “Loosely controlled chaos, blended with a lot of sarcasm and even more love and laughter.”

She says she’s a big fan of Mexican food and Notre Dame football; not such a fan of vegetables, heights and bridges.