Remote Learning Tools + Skills Help

If You Need Technical Support

  • Canvas and Zoom Help videos and step-by-step guides are available, courtesy of our Academic Senate.
  • Call the Welcome Center at 510.215.4110 and ask if someone can help you, or if they can connect you with district IT.

If You Don’t Have Internet Access or A Working Device

Let us know! We might be able to loan you a laptop or help you pay for internet service. Please add the contact information for one of your instructors to the top of the form, and let them know about your situation in case we need to contact them.

You can also access wi-fi from a few of the parking spaces closer to campus.

If You Just Don’t Feel Confident in Online Environments

We’ve got you!

Quest for Online Success is a self-paced online workshop that will set you up for success in your online classes by covering Canvas, Zoom, Office 365, tech-readiness, staying organized, time management, online communication, dispelling myths about taking online classes, and student resources. It will take about two hours, but you can go at your own pace. After you have completed it, you will earn a Quest for Online Success Certificate of Completion, which you can share with your professors if they request it. Click here to enroll in Quest for Online Success.

Success in Online Classes is a live one-hour workshop similar to Quest that is offered at the before of each semester. It will also help set you up for success in your online classes.

We’re also offering another series of workshops that cover all the moving parts of being successful as an online student. They will get you familiar with tools like Canvas, Zoom and Office365. It will also teach essential skills and connect you with resources related to tech readiness, time management, communication, and campus resources if you need additional help.

And, if you can’t make a workshop, just call give us a call at 510.215.4110. We’ll connect you with someone who can help.

Canvas Resources

Not Sure Where to Start?

  • Call the Welcome Center at 510.215.4110. They’re open 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday, and can help connect you with all of our services and resources.
  • Our Student Success Coaches can also help you navigate the remote learning transition. Make a virtual appointment.