English as a Second Language
General Education Building, Room 210
ESL Department Chair
Rebecca Clayton
General Education Building, Room 208-C

Do you need ESL help?

Remember that the ESL Department at CCC
now offers the option of FREE non-credit courses for levels 50 through 3!

If you need help, our ESL Assistants can help you!
Call (510) 215-4988 and leave a voice message, 
send an email to 
Call the number or email the address above
to make an in-person or Zoom appointment:
Meeting link:
Meeting ID: 914 897 2767

You can also get help from ESL teachers by:
Signing up for ESL-810N-2810: ESL Skills Support
Dropping in on Zoom for tech help 

The Field

If you want to succeed in any environment, you’ll need to be fluent in the local language. In the United States, speaking fluent English is vital if you want to continue your education, advance your career, or even help your children with their homework.

And, the stronger your English skills are, the more confident and engaged you’ll be as a member of your community.

The Outlook

English fluency can have an enormous impact on your earning potential. One recent study found that immigrants proficient in English earned 74% more than those who were not.

Our Program

If you want to build your English-language skills and your confidence, CCC is a safe, supportive place to do it.

Our beginning ESL courses are non-credit, which means you don’t have to pay tuition.

The ESL department can also help you through the application, assessment, and registration processes. Then, we’ll help you find classes where you can succeed, no matter how much or little English you already know. We even offer our own orientation, designed specifically to help ESL students succeed in college.

We offer classes in the daytime and at night, so you can choose times that fit your schedule.

And, when you do want to practice on your own, our library offers digital tools that help you become more computer literate while improving your grammar and pronunciation.

The entire ESL curriculum is research-based, interactive and rigorous.

As you master English, you can earn three certificates, one for each level.

Our advanced courses are also transferable to the University of California, Berkeley and California State Universities, which can be very helpful if you plan to continue your education.

How to Sign Up

  1. Complete the College Application
  2. Get your student ID#: after you complete the application, you will receive an email from the college with your student ID # and other important information
  3. Find out your level: complete the ESL Guided Self-Placement
  4. Register for your classes
  5. Register for and complete ESL-808N: Orientation to College for ESL Students