Dr. Katherine Krolikowski
Science Building, Room 228

The Field

Biotechnology means using the study of life in practical, real-world ways.  It plays an increasingly prominent role in our daily lives, with applications ranging from food and medicine to energy and engineering.

Biological technicians (sometimes called laboratory assistants,) usually work in labs, helping biological and medical scientists conduct, document and analyze tests and experiments. They also sometimes spend time working outside the lab, collecting samples or gathering information.

Often, technicians are only just starting their careers in science or medicine, working toward higher degrees after gaining some experience.

Biotech Holds the Key to Our Future

The Outlook

Biotechnology is a high-demand, high-growth and relatively high-wage field. In the Bay Area alone, it is a thriving, multi-billion-dollar industry. It is only expected to grow in the coming years.

For more information about jobs in the industry, like how many are available and how much they typically pay, check out Biological Technician, Food Science Technician and Biofuels Processing Technician on our online Career Coach.

Keep in mind that the more education and experience you get, the better your job prospects and higher your salary will be. Check out the other Biotech Career Coach pages for more information about the kind of jobs you could work toward, like Biologist, Biofuels Production Manager and Biofuels/Biodiesel Technology and Product Development Managers.

Our Program

Whether you’ve already decided you want to become a microbiologist or you’re just hoping to find out more about an especially fascinating field of science, CCC is a great place to start.

At CCC, you’ll learn basic biology concepts while applying them through hands-on scientific investigation. You won’t just learn all about cells, genes, DNA, proteins, genetic engineering, drug development, biofuels and bioremediation—you’ll actually get to apply that knowledge in the lab, using all of the procedures and state-of-the-art equipment commonly found in the industry.

If you’ve already decided on biotechnology as a career, we offer certificates and degrees to meet most any goal. Our certificates of achievement provide hands-on laboratory training for entry-level employment in biotech manufacturing, quality control and research and development. And our associate degree programs do all of that while preparing you to advance to a four-year university.

While you’re here, you can also gain great experience and boost your resume by joining our Soil Microbiome Project Research Team. There, you’ll perform hands-on biological research–taking soil samples, performing DNA extraction and sequencing and using cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and software.

And, we definitely encourage you to take advantage of the incredible services and events hosted by the Adelante STEM Academy and Center for Science Excellence on campus.

So why not check out the program, see if we can help you pay for college or even get the ball rolling and apply now?