Associate Professor, Chair: African American/Africana Studies Program, Co-Chair: Ethnic Studies, Department
Nzingha Sonya Dugas

The Africana/African American Studies Program is in partnership with the Africana Studies Department at San Francisco State University. SFSU was the first four year college to have a Black Studies Department (later changed to Africana Studies). Here at Contra Costa College we pattern our program description and classes after SFSU.

We have an interdisciplinary curriculum in the areas of Humanities and the Behavioral and Social Sciences. The classes we offer are listed below and we offer a major in African American Studies.

Taking Africana Studies classes provides a holistic understanding of the African and African American reality. It provides opportunities to develop higher level reading, writing and critical thinking skills, and prepares students to become agents of change in their community, in society, and the world.

Some possible careers:

Students can pursue any career with an Africana/African American Studies degree. Our classes meet the General Education requirements and transfer requirements. Africana Studies is an excellent preparation for a career in law, public policy, government and politics, journalism, education, public health, social work, health care, business, international relations, and many other careers.

Program Student Learning Outcome statement:

  • Students who complete the program will be able to:
  • Students will successfully complete an exit exam that demonstrates competency in the core courses of the major courses in the degree program.