Wrap-Around Fund Adds to Connection and Community

Audra Williams has always felt that she is a part of an extended family at Contra Costa College (CCC).

“Being at CCC is like being at a private college,” shared Audra. “The staff and teachers really want us all to succeed, which has been important during these challenging times.”

This is not Audra’s first time at college. She formerly attended a local state school, but had to drop out due to personal and financial hardships. Audra has a background working for companies around the Bay Area, but always set her sights on greater achievements.

When she lost her job because of the pandemic, Audra decided to go back to school to attain new skills. She takes classes in the African American Studies and Psychology departments. Audra has juggled life in college while also being the provider for two grandchildren and three adult children. One of her professors saw that she was struggling a few months ago and suggested the CCC Foundation help her with its Wrap-Around Fund.

“The Wrap-Around Fund allowed me to stay in school this semester and I don’t know what I would have done without it,” explained Audra. “I am grateful because a student like me can have a rocky student experience from time to time. But someone looked at my need, and decided to help. This is the CCC way.”

After obtaining her Associates Degree, Audra hopes to transfer to Cal State East Bay. Until then, she is looking forward to returning to campus at CCC in person as soon as possible.