Contra Costa College offers a variety of tutoring solutions – including drop-in tutoring, booked appointments, on-line forums, and even Peer-Led Team Learning in select classes– designed to meet students’ needs.

Campus Wide Tutoring provides tutoring at a variety of locations and times for students who want assistance. Tutoring is offered in almost every subject taught on campus.

College Skills Center

Library and Learning Resource Center, Room 121 ext. 44898

The CSC offers free peer tutoring to all Contra Costa College students. Peer tutors in English (reading and writing), math, and other courses are available throughout the day, during regular CSC hours. Tutors are available on a walk-in (first come, first served) basis.

You may also contact tutors via email at When you submit a question, please include your full name, your student ID number, and the name and section of the class you are taking (e.g., MATH118-1130). Questions will be forwarded to an appropriate tutor, and you will receive a response within one business day.

For information on Campus-Wide Tutoring, please call ext. 44909. In addition to the Campus-Wide Tutoring Program, Contra Costa College offers a number of tutoring services at various locations around campus.

Center for Science Excellence (PS-109): The CSE provides tutoring in Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Anatomy, Astronomy, Computer Science, Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Engineering and Math. Friendly, knowledgeable science enthusiasts are available M-F. Check the schedule for hours.

Math Lab (AA-210): Drop-in tutoring for all math courses is available M-Th. Tutors who work in this area have completed higher-level math, typically through calculus II. With both tutors and faculty on hand, assistance is always in reach.  For additional information, please inquire at the College Skills Center.

Early Childhood (ECHD) Tutoring (LA-26): Students enrolled in ECHD classes can receive tutoring in LA-26 M-Th evenings.   For additional information, please email Prof. Intisar Shareef or call ext. 44132.

Speech Lab (AA-113C): Speech tutors are eager to help you in any of the following areas: choosing topics, researching credible information, organizing your ideas, and doing oral presentations. When you work with their friendly, helpful tutors, you will feel more confident about giving presentations in your classes.


Note: Skills Laboratory Courses are taken for credit. Students receive a P/NP grade for their work in Skills Laboratories.

ENGL-102 (College Skills Center): This course is designed for students who wish to improve their writing skills. Content depends on the individual needs of the student.

Students will have access to:

  • Grammar exercises to address sentence level errors.
  • Paragraph writing workshops to improve organization and development of ideas based on individualized instruction plan.
  • Essay writing workshops to improve the structure and content, focusing on paragraph development, introductions, conclusions, etc.
  • Individual discussion and correction of work completed for English 102.

ENGL-103 (College Skills Center): If you have taken a college course, you know that while all college courses include a great deal of reading, very few college professors spend time in class teaching students how to read the material assigned. Most professors simply expect students to know how to read the textbooks and materials in their discipline. Students might also expect that because they can read novels, magazines, and newspapers that they should be able to read the material professors assign, and it can be very frustrating to be able to read the texts assigned but not quite understand or remember what one has read. ENGL-103 can help you become a better reader.

ESL-107 or ESL-109 (College Skills Center): Drop-in and regular tutoring and appointments are available to help students enrolled in ESL courses. Students who are enrolled in one or more ESL classes should register for Skills Lab. For additional information, please email Prof. Gabriela Segade  or call x-44926.