Metas is a free weekend tutoring and academic support program for PreK-12th grade students offered on the CCC campus. Since 1987, the program has been a roadway to success for thousands of students.

Metas strives for 100% high school graduation rates and 100% college enrollment. A college-going culture is promoted through academic skills development courses, academic tutoring, personal and career exploration workshops, and by fostering intergenerational relationships with college student mentors and parents that inspire student success.

The Metas program includes the following components:

  • Tutoring- Tutoring sessions are the heart of the program. College student mentors help students build proficiency in reading, writing, and math as well as increased self-confidence and self-perception.
  • Academic courses- We offer three non-credit courses: one for elementary, another for junior high and a third for high school students. These concurrent enrollment courses cultivate basic academic skills through an exploration of culturally relevant topics and develop the students’ leadership capacities.
  • STEM exploration: Every semester we facilitate a STEM Career Exploration Day where STEM college students and professionals engage our Metas 4th-12th graders and their parents in hands-on activities and workshops.
  • Parent group- In the parent group, parents receive comprehensive resources that enhance their understanding of our academic system, promote their children’s personal development and academic success, and improve the overall wellbeing of the family.
  • Los Pollitos – This is an early literacy group for children from PreK-3rd grade including tailored curriculum to introduce students to key concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

To learn more about Metas visit us at our office AA-111 or email us at Hablamos Español.

Math Jam

Math Jam is a free two-week math preparation and acceleration program that supports students, in a relaxed environment, to successfully complete Algebra (Math 118), AlgebraII (Math 120) or Pre-Calculus (Math 171) in during the semester.

Math JamMath Jam is designed to help students face and overcome their fears and anxiety about math in a safe environment. Students will reflect upon their past math experiences, deconstruct the myths of math and evaluate how math is relevant to their daily lives so that they are free to enjoy, have fun with, and succeed in math.

The program offers instructor led adaptive math preparation courses and counselor led college success skills-building workshops. We expect that upon completion of Math Jam students will increase self-knowledge, develop academic confidence, reconnect with their motivation to earn a degree, discover how they learn best, learn about college resources, establish a supportive math community, and successfully complete their fall semester math course!

To learn more about Math Jam email us at


Adelante with STEM

Adelante with STEM is a program built on innovative, student-centered, and research-driven best practices that have been shown to lead to student success.

The aim of Adelante is to improve personal, academic, and professional practices for students that are below college-ready, in order to increase their confidence, interest, and success in STEM disciplines. Adelante with STEM participants typically earn higher GPAs and persist at higher rates than their peers in STEM courses. In Spring 2013 Adelante with STEM participants successfully completed their math and science courses with a C grade or better at a 19% higher rate than other CCC students! Adelante students working on transfer level coursework are encouraged to apply to the Center for Science Excellence.

Student participants in Adelante with STEM receive:

  • Academic counseling
  • Weekly tutoring
  • Personal and professional development workshops
  • Exposure to STEM majors/careers
  • Mentoring and leadership development
  • Opportunities to participate in Center for Science Excellence Activities
  • Limited financial support


The work we do to support each student in Adelante comes from the heart and seeks to respond to the unique needs of our community. Students play a large role in determining the shape and mission of Adelante with STEM, through student-initiated support and study groups, student tutors, and student-designed workshops and events.  Applications for Adelante are accepted at the end of the semester previous to enrollment, but Adelante with STEM activities are open and free to all CCC students exploring STEM.

For more information and eligibility requirements please visit us at our office AA111 or email us at


Center for Science Excellence (CSE)

CCC’s Center for Science Excellence mentoring program was created in 1996 and was a 2001 Presidential (White House) Award winning program. The program answers the national call for increasing the number of underrepresented students in the STEM fields.

The goals of the program are three fold:

  1. To provide comprehensive academic support via mentoring, faculty-led science and math workshops, and tutoring in order for students to successfully complete their STEM courses.
  2. To provide academic breadth activities through seminars, trips, and internships so that students persist in their programs of study.
  3. To assure successful transfer to a four-year university by engaging students in educational planning and counseling.


The CSE program emulates, within our public community college structure, the small learning community cultures found in elite private universities in which tutoring and cooperative studying practices are fundamental to student success.

Students participating in CSE earn higher grade point averages in the seminal math and science courses after entering CSE and successfully transfer to four-year institutions at a higher rate compared to the college average. As of spring 2013, 54% of CSE students transferred to Universities of California, 26% to California State Universities, and the rest to private, out of state, or other four-year institutions.

The program is selective, and will enroll only 50 students each fall semester. For more information and eligibility requirements please visit us at our office PS109 or email us at


Puente Project 

The Puente Project is a TRANSFER PREPARATION program designed to increase the number of educationally underserved students who transfer to four-year colleges and universities, earn degrees, and return to their communities as mentors. The program is offered as a partnership between the University of California and the California Community Colleges.

Puente students take a rigorous two-course English class sequence (ENGL 142B & ENGL 1A) and personal development classes (PSYCH 103A & PSYCH 103B) taught by Puente-trained teachers and counselors. The English class provides a supportive environment with a focus on Latino and multicultural authors. The personal development classes focus on college success, transfer preparation, and self-exploration. Students work closely with their Puente counselors to prepare an academic plan, focus on academic and professional goals, and transfer to a four-year university. Members of the professional community provide one-on-one mentoring. Additional program activities such as educational and cultural field trips are designed to engage the student in an exciting learning community that creates a foundation of support for student success.

Puente works! Data has proven that Puente students transfer at over twice the average rate of non-Puente students. Students are admitted to the program on a first-come, first-served basis. To be eligible, the student must meet criteria for English 142B placement (appropriate score on the English COMPASS assessment, successful completion of English 139 or equivalent) AND attend a Puente Project orientation. The Puente Project is open to ALL students. For more information, please call (510) 215-3908 or (510) 215-4128.