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Philosophy Courses

Philosophy (PHILO)

PHILO-100 Topics in Philosophy

.5-4 Units: 9-72 hours of lecture and/or 27-216 hours of laboratory, per term, SC, DG

This course covers topics in philosophy. Topics will be chosen to supplement and serve as additions to current offerings in the area, and will be announced each term in the current schedule of classes.

PHILO-101 Introduction to Philosophy

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU

This course introduces students to major philosophical questions about, for example, the nature of reality, the good life, and the foundations of knowledge. With the help of diverse philosophers, students explore these and other questions from varying perspectives. The practical value of Philosophy will be stressed, as will Philosophy’s relation to the humanities, arts, and sciences.

PHILO-120 Introduction to Ethics

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU, UC

This course introduces students to the main questions in Ethics: is morality relative or absolute? What makes an action right? What makes a person good? What role does gender play in morality? Students explore these and other questions using major moral theories such as utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. These theories will then be applied to a range of moral issues, including abortion, capital punishment, environmental ethics, and affirmative action. 

PHILO-130 Introduction to Critical Thinking

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU, UC

This course is intended to help students develop means for evaluating the conflicting claims to truth by identifying common fallacies and characteristics of reliable thinking, by practicing analysis of arguments, and by clarifying arguments on both sides of some current issue they wish to examine.

PHILO-220 Comparative Religion

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU, UC

This course is a study of religious experience around the world, the beliefs and practices of the world’s religions, and their relevance to people’s lives in America today. Guest speakers represent a variety of ethnic and religious perspectives and inter-cultural dialogue is encouraged.

PHILO-298 Independent Study

.2-4 Units: 3.6-72 hours of independent study, per term, SC, DG

Prerequisite: Educational contract of study signed by an instructor, department chair and vice president. Topics must extend beyond regular course offerings.

This course is designed for selected students to pursue independent study in philosophy under the direction of an instructor.