Applying to Gateway

Recruitment takes place from March through May for the Fall semester (beginning each August). Recruitment also takes place from October through December for the Spring semester (beginning each January). For more information, please contact us at 510.215.3835.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Step One: Attend an Information Session

The information session is the first step in deciding whether Gateway is right for you. During these sessions, you learn more about the program, how it works, who qualifies, what you can expect, and what Gateway expects of you.

For more information, call 510.215.3835

Information Session Schedule Spring 2023
DateTimeEventRoom Number
Tuesday, April 113:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, April 183:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, April 253:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, May 23:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, May 93:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, May 163:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, May 233:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, May 303:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, June 63:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, June 133:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, June 203:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113
Tuesday, June 273:30-5pmInformation SessionAA-113

Step Two: Complete Gateway to College and Contra Costa College Online

You must complete both of the above applications. If you have questions about either application, please contact Gateway program staff at 510.215.3835.

Step Three: Participate in an Interview Session

Once you have completed the first two application steps, you need to schedule an interview. This includes a timed essay assessment.

Interviews will take place at Contra Costa College, 2600 Mission Bell Drive, San Pablo, California. You must bring your completed Gateway to College and Contra Costa College applications to the interview. Also remember to arrive early, dress appropriately, and be prepared to explain why Gateway to College is the best fit for your educational goals.  You are welcome to bring a family member, friend or another support person if you’d like.

For more information on the interview schedule, call 510.215.3835.

Interview Session Schedule Spring 2023
DateTimeEventRoom Number
Wednesday, November 2nd3:30-6pInterviewAA-113
Wednesday, November 9th3:30-6pInterviewAA-113
Wednesday, November 16th3:30-6pInterviewAA-113
Wednesday, November 30th3:30-6pInterviewAA-113
Wednesday, December 7th3:30-6pInterviewAA-113