Important Dates for EOPS Students

October 1FAFSA and CA Dream act applications open. They are due March 2. However, to increase your chances of getting the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG grant-up to $4,000 a year), submit your FAFSA/Dream act now or as early as possible. Go to or
October 15Last Day to petition to graduate for Fall 2020 term
October 16EOPS-Adademic Progress Report (APR) is due at 11:59 p.m. via Wufoo Dropbox
October 26 – November 13EOPS Academic Progress Report Intervention Weeks
October 30EOPS – Last Day to complete your 2nd EOPS Contact for new and continuing students
November 1CCC scholarship applications open. Go to
November 1- 30Appeal filing period for continuing and returning students with over 100 degree applicable units or on 2nd semester probation or dismissal for spring registration
November 9Holiday – Veterans Day
November 13Last day to withdraw from a full-term course with a “W” appearing on transcript
November 13Last day to add or adjust a variable unit course
November 16-17EOPS-Priority registration for spring classes! Check Weadvisor to see when your time opens. Make sure to register no later than midnight on the 2nd of these two days.
November 26-27Thanksgiving Holiday
November 28-29No Saturday/Sunday courses
December 4EOPS – Highly recommended – This is last day to complete your 3rd EOPS Contact for new and continuing students.
December 7-11Final examination week
December 11 Last Day of instruction for Fall 2020
December 22 – January 3Winter Recess – Contra Costa College is closed
February 17Contra Costa College Scholarships are due. To see scholarships on the CCC website, go to: Financial Aid types of financial aid Scholarships
February 21EOPS 1st Appointment highly recommended completion date. EOPS appts. MUST be at least 15 days apart.
February 24EOPS-Academic Progress Report will be emailed to you as a pdf for you to download. Start setting up your office hour appointments with your instructors!
February 28EOPS -The last day you can use your book grant or get reimbursed for your books (make sure you know the bookstore hours!) Also, it is the last day to get your FREE parking permit
February 28Last day to choose Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading option for full-term courses
March 2Last day to petition to graduate and participate in Spring Commencement
March 2FAFSA and CA Dream act applications due. Go to or
March 20EOPS-Academic Progress Report (APR) is due at 1 p.m. at the EOPS Front Office
March 27EOPS 2nd Appt. Highly recommended completion date. EOPS appts. must be 15 days apart.
March 29-April 4Spring Recess
April 6Priority Registration for Summer. Summer classes are OPTIONAL. EOPS does not require taking classes in summer. If you decide to take summer classes, you must enroll in 3 units or more to be eligible for book support.
April 6-April 17E.O.P.S. APR Intervention Alert Weeks: students who are receiving grades of C- or lower, have reported excessive absences, low test scores, missing assignments and/or are in jeopardy of failing a course will be contacted by their E.O.P.S. counselor regarding strategies, policies and interventions to protect their academic progress.
April 17Last day to withdraw from a full-term course with a “W” appearing on transcript
April 17Last day to add or adjust a variable unit class
April 27-28EOPS-Fall Priority registration! Check WebAdvisor to see when your time opens. Make sure to register by midnight on April 28th!
May 8EOPS third appointment Deadline. EOPS appointments must be 15 days apart.
May 15EOPS Recognition Ceremony 2020 in the Fireside Hall at 11:00 a.m.
May 22Last day of instruction for Spring
May 22Commencement
Info: Students may register online until 11:59 p.m., the day prior to the first class meeting.
** The Student Success Program includes assessment, orientation, and completion of an educational plan (Enroll in Couns-108 or ESL-108)
IMPORTANT NOTE: For short-term courses the dates to add, receive a refund, or drop are calculated individually based on the length of each course. For detailed
course-specific deadline dates, log into your Insite Portal and select “My Schedule”. You may also check with your instructor who has this information on the class roster.

Important Phone Numbers

To cancel, schedule or reschedule appointment:

  • call the EOPS Front Office:
    1. (510) 215-3949 or (510) 215-3902. If they do not answer right away, call back again or leave a VM.
  • Go in person to the EOPS Front Office.
  • Schedule or cancel appointments by going on line to the EOPS page. Click “Book appointment.” Appointments must be 21 days apart.

To discuss your EOPS eligibility or status, contact your case coordinator:

Chau Tran
(For students whose last name begins with A-L)
EOPS/CARE Case Coordinator,
(510) 215-3939

Sarn Saepharn
(For students whose last name begins with M-Z)
EOPS Case Coordinator,
(510) 215-3940

Counselor and Student Review

Checklist to maintain EOPS eligibility and avoid EOPS probation

 Must complete 12 units my first semester in EOPS and 9 units every semester thereafter unless I received a D.S.P.S. unit waiver.
 Must meet with my EOPS Counselor 3 times a semester.


1st Appt   highly recommended to complete by: February 22

2nd Appt. highly recommended to complete by: March 29, 2019

3rd Appt deadline: May 10, 2019

 Must have an educational plan in your EOPS  file for each academic year
 Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
 Must complete Academic Progress Report and submit on due date
 Must complete priority registration for next semester