We want nothing more than to see you succeed. And we know that, sometimes, life gets in the way.

So, we’re offering a special program starting Fall 2021 that invites students who weren’t able to complete their programs during the pandemic a chance to come back without paying tuition–and with some other nice perks, as well!

Here’s what you get for completing your program with us

  • Free tuition for the remainder of your degree
  • Grant for $500 to help you pay for textbooks
  • Grant for $1000 for laptop computer, so that you can access remote services, do homework, and attend online classes

To qualify, you must have

  • Successfully completed 45 or more units
  • Completed your degree’s math and English requirements
  • And, be pursuing an associate degree

To participate, just

  • Call us at 510.215.3804 and ask to speak with Bianca. She’ll take your information to make sure you’re connected with free tuition, the computer and financial assistance.
  • If you attended CCC less than two years ago, register for classes through InSite. Remember, there are evening, fast track and meet anytime (asynchronous) classes to choose from, as well.
  • If you last attended CCC more than a year ago, apply to the college again, then register for classes after your application is processed.

Then, that’s it! We’ll be in touch.

Classes start August 23, but it’s not too late to enroll!  Fast track classes start a little later in the semester, as well. And, we offer online and meet anytime (asynchronous) classes for your convenience!

Also, remember there are many other ways we can help you attend, like EOPS (which helps pay for things like supplies,) financial aid and other student services. If you need a hand with something else, just reach out to our Welcome Center.