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The self-test (link above) covers material you should already know--not the material that will be taught. 




Below is a list of the worksheets we will be completing in class.  Please make copies and bring with you to class.  I will not be handing out copies as in the past.  This is due to our extreme budget cuts. 

See syllabus for dates.

The Z-table, t-table and Chi-square table are in your textbook.  Make copies of those as well to bring to class.  (You will also need these tables for the exams.)

You will absolutely need these to learn the material!

If you are unable to print these out please come see me.

Worksheets: Topic:
1.  Presidents' Ages Frequency Table, Histogram
2.  Ages of Oscar Winners Frequency Table, Box Plot
3.  Standard Deviation Standard Deviation
4.  Super Models, Regression Correlation, Regression 
5A.  First Regression Practice (print 3) Regression
5B. Excel results for first regression practice Regression
6.  Counting Techniques (I will hand out in class.)
7.  Sampling Distributions Sampling Distributions
8.  Confidence Intervals, Practice  Confidence Intervals 
9. Hypothesis Testing (mean) Practice Hypothesis Testing
10. Bi-variate Regression Practice (print 3) Regression
11. Multi-variate Regression Practice (Now with ice cream regression results attached.)
12.  Chi-Square Practice Test for homogeneity & Independence


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