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The Great Depression
Labor History in the US


Genuine Progress Indicator
Atlantic Coast, Canada
Pacific Coast, Canada
University of Cambridge, England
Maryland's GPI US
Equality/Inequality Land of the Free, Home of the Poor Paul Solmon, PBS Newshour 8-16-11
CBO Report: Trends in the Distribution of Household Income, 1979-2007. Congressional Budget Office Report, Oct 2011
Middleclass Life Further Away for the Next Generation NPR Weekend Edition, Nov 6 2011
The Great Depression The Great Depression, A Decade of Hardship Overview of the Great Depression, website developed by the eighth-grade students of Bourbonnais Upper Grade Center and recommended by Samantha from Brighter Futures Charter School.
Blueprint America This links to a report about the CCC.  Look for links to the WPA, PWA and the New Deal.



General Feb 4 2010 Newshour Stand-up Economist, the lighter side of the Dismal Science
Jan 27 2010 Newshour About Interest Rates with Merle Hazard
Merle Hazard Website
Dec 16 009 Newshour Keynes v. Hayek
Jan 28 2010 Newshour Keynes v. Hayek, The Rap Video
Mar 2 2010 Newshour Is US the latest World Power in Decline?
Jun 6, 2010
Enery Bulletin
Jul 30 2010
May 21 2010
CNN Money
Technology Jan 31 2011 Newshour Better Car Batteries
Sep 22 2009 Newshour Better Storage, Batteries for the Grid
Prices May 13 2011 Newshour Tracking Inflation, How Fast are Prices Rising?
  Jan 21 2005 Newshour Prices of Oil
Monetary Policy  Apr 27 2011 Newshour Bernanke News Conference
Trade Policy Jul 20 2005 Newshour Farmers Differ Over CAFTA
Aug 6 2002 Newshour Politics of Trade, Steel
Fiscal Policy Jan 11 2012 Newshour Supply-side, Laffer Curve
Dec 12 2011 Newshour Tax Ups and Downs
Aug 6 2010
Aug 6 2010
Jul 29 2010
Apr 5 2010 Newshour Silicon Valley Slump, New Tech for US?
Feb 9 2010 Newshour NUMMI Closing
Jun 21 2010 Newshour  Small Businesses and Credit Crunch
Jul 23 2010
Jul 23 2010
Jul 22 2010
Jul 21 2010
Jul 20 2010 Newshour Austerity Measures Rile Many
Jul 19 2010
Consumer Apr 6 2010 Newshour Should Consumers move to smaller banks
Finance Jul 19 2010 Newshour Payday Loans, Financial Reform
Mar 16 2010 Newshour Payday Lenders Face Scrutiny
  Paul Solman, Elizabeth Shell  Money + Math = Financial Stability
Developing Jul 13 2010 Newshour Foot-powered water pumps in Kenya
Economies Aug 22 2012 The World Using Plantain Trees for Electricity
Jun 7 2010 Newshour Micro-financing, Housing in Kenya's Slums
Feb 16 2010 Newshour Trash City, Recycling School, Cairo Egypt
Health Care Jul 5 2010 Newshour Health Care in San Francisco
Resources Jun 14 2010 Newshour Rare Earth Minerals, Scarcity
Apr 28 2010 Newshour  Off-Shore Wind Farm, MASS
  Oct 30 2009 Newshour Pond Scum as Fuel
Apr 3 2006 Newshour Salmon in Klamath

Market Power, Barriers, Rent-Seeking

May 24 2010 Newshour Anti-Trust, Supreme Courst NFL Sportsware
Nov 16 2011 Morning Edition New Rules for Political Money (Milk)
  Nov 16 2011 Morning Edition Energy Subsidies
Regulations Feb 9 2010 Newshour Flying Cheep, Sky Safety Lags, Airlines Outsource
Mar 2, 2010 Newshour  Pay Cap on Executives
Business Apr 28 2010 Newshour Manufactureres go Small
Apr 27 2010 Newshour Vietnamese-Americans--Entrepreneus in Vietnam
Apr 15 2010 Newshour  What Drives Motivation in the Modern Work Place
  Jul 16, 2010 Newshour Buying Companies on Borrowed Money
Education Apr 20 2010 Newshour New Community College Standards
Mar 17 2010 Newshour Is College Education Needed for Americans
Jun 15 2010 Newshour Do Higher Costs lead to Better College Education
Jun 24 2010 Newshour Harvard Grads still Flock to Wall Street
  Jun 9 2011 Newshour Why Does Yale Cost $55,000 a Year?
Aug 18 2011 Newshour Budget Cuts, Tuition Hikes, California Higer Ed
Pay AFL-CIO CEO Pay (Executive Pay Watch)
Jul 23 2010 Newshour Banks and Hefty Bonuses
  2003 Book Women Don't Ask-summary
2003 Book Women Don't Ask-excerpts, order book
Feb 14,2011 NPR-ATC Ask for a Raise? Most Women Hesitate
  WSJ Salaries by Major
  Oct 20 2011 US News STEM fields and salary
  Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
Pensions Jun 22 2011 Newshour Protecting Pension Funds
 Food Jun 17 2011 Newshour Food Deserts



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