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 Overview of B2B Program

Bridge to Biotech CCC

Bridge to Biotechnology at Contra Costa College


The program

Our program is modeled after a successful program called Bridge to Biosciences at City College of San Francisco. NSF funds were awarded to share this model throughout the country.  It is a cohort-based program that links an introductory biotechnology lab course with math, English, and professional development courses.  The algebra, writing, and reading students do in those courses is directly linked (week-by-week) with what is going on in the biotechnology lab course.


Students take 4 courses according to the following schedule:


Psych103A (10:00-11:30-AM)

BioSc172L (12:40-1:30PM)


Math118 (9:40-11:00AM)

Engl 142B (12:40-2:30PM)


BioSc172L (12:40-3:00PM)



Math118 (9:40-11:00AM)

Engl 142B (12:40-2:30PM)


Math118 (11:10AM-1:00PM)


Click to see a PDF with LOTS of program information


Target students

Pre-science, Pre-nursing, Pre-transfer, Pre-technical


BioSc172L:  (Introduction to Biotechnology Lab- Katie Krolikowski)

IGETC Area 5B lab (along with BioSc172L lecture)

BioSc106 :  Students will likely pass challenge exam after this course

Engl142B:  (Writing: Expository – Lauren Nahas)

Ready for English 1A

Students directly experience utility of writing for other coursework

Math 118:  (Elementary Algebra- Ed Cruz)

Ready for Math 120

Students understand math as a useful language, used in problem solving

Psych103A: (Personal Development for College Success- Rebecca LaCount)

Ready for college!

This was the most-valued course by the Biotech Advisory Board! 

Biotechnology Assistant Certificate of Achievement (12.5 Units)

Entry-level employment (media preparation, plant/animal care, etc.)

Ready to pursue Biotechnology Technician (BioSc157/9, BioSc172)



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Katie Krolikowski

(510) 215-3990


 BiotechCertificate Structure at CCC

Graphic of certificates in biotech program at CCC
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