Gaye Walton-Price

Dr. Walton-Price came to Contra Costa College in the Fall of 2004. She earned her Ph.D. in Arabic Language at Georgetown University, and also has an M.S. in Arabic and Linguistics (from Georgetown U.) and an M.A. in Religion from Yale University Divinity School. She has extensive experience teaching the introductory and intermediate levels of Modern Standard Arabic, as well as Islamic Religion and Culture, Humanities for General Education (Timeless Questions, Research and Writing Social Policy Proposals, and Ethical Considerations for Life).

In the Humanities/Philosophy Department of Contra Costa College, Dr. Walton-Price teaches Introduction to Critical Thinking, Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics, and Introduction to the Humanities: Imagination, Invention, and Creativity.

Gaye Walton-Price

Contact Information

office: PS117
phone: 510.235.7800 extension 4289
voicemail: extension 4593
email: gayedforever40 (at) comcast (dot) net
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Humanities 120: Imagination, Invention, and Creativity

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This course is a study of creative and imaginative expression in a variety of disciplines. Students will study the methods used by artists, inventors, and innovators in many fields to discover what they can do to build stronger channels to their own inner creative resources.

Section # Instructor Time Syllabus Schedule
2132 Walton-Price TTh 11:10 - 12:30 p.m.

Philosophy 110: Introduction to Ethics

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This course demonstrates the uses of philosophy in daily life. It includes study of ethics topics, such as issues of right and wrong, differing opinions, sexual ethics, and ethical problems at work.

Section # Instructor Time Syllabus Schedule
1524 Walton-Price F 6:10 - 9:00 p.m.