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(1) What makes a person eligible for CalWORKs?
If you have children 17 and under, apply to the Employment and Human Services Department in the county where you live to ask for an appointment to determine your eligibility. CalWORKs provides services for low-income families.

(2) I get CalWORKs for my kids; am I eligible?
No, only adults who are the actual participants in the CalWORKs program are eligible for services. You may want to check with the county to determine your eligibility (there is a reason why your children are on the program, but you are not – you may be on sanction, for example, and need to cure it).

(3) So, if I’m eligible, I can go to college?
Maybe! If the county determines that you are eligible for services AND that you require more education and/or training to compete for entry-level jobs, the county employment specialist may approve you to enroll in school.

(4) What if I live in Alameda County, but know that Contra Costa College is the premier community college in the nation and want to go there?
If you live outside Contra Costa County, your employment specialist may OK your attendance at Contra Costa College IF the community college in your county does not offer the course or program in which you are interested. Everything starts with a visit to your county Employment and Human Services Department!

(5) I’ve been approved to go to school and want to attend CCC; now, what do I do?
If you are not enrolled already: (1) visit the college Web site and apply online; (2) follow the directions to complete orientation and assessment; (3) Bring your student ID card and some Notice of Action or other communication from the county with your name on it (to verify your eligibility for services) and come on down! The CalWORKs Office is open Monday thru Thursday from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M., and on Friday ‘til 2 P.M. if you are enrolled, just visit the CalWORKs Office when you are on campus with verification of your eligibility.

(6) When should I do all this?
EARLY! Semesters at CCC begin in August (fall semester); January (spring semester); and June (summer intercession). Students who register early have the best selection of classes at the most convenient times to fit their schedule!

(7) What happens in the CalWORKs Office?
You will be welcomed and asked to fill out the necessary paperwork; we’ll ask to copy your verification of eligibility and refer you to other departments (i.e., to Counseling for an educational plan; to Financial Aid to complete your application for a fee waiver, etc.) depending on your needs.

(8) How does all this work?
The college CalWORKs Office works closely with the county Employment and Human Services Department (EHSD) to provide the best resources for our shared students/participants. We are liaisons for students and EHSD and troubleshoot problems you may have to help you stay on track to achieve your objective. There are social workers on campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the convenience of CalWORKs participants!
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