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CalWORKs Defined

Briefly, CalWORKs is California's answer to federal welfare reform legislation enacted in 1996. In replaced Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and is administered by the counties. CalWORKs is a "work first" program, which means that work is the primary activity or objective. Cash assistance is paid out only to participants who are working or involved in activities that prepare them for work. The counties offer programs and services to eligible participants in addition to cash assistance, including walfare-to-work activities such as employability assessment and job search/job club. Those in need of education and/or training to be more competitive in the job market may participate in activities toward that end. Child care, books, supplies and other ancillary expenses commensurate with going to school are paid for students who maintain satisfactory progress. The goal of the program is entry-level employment; however, the college CalWORKs Office encourages students who achieve this primary objective to return to school to persue their dreams.


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