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The Application (see link under Step 2) is for the following three types of membership:

Initial Membership. A person may attain initial membership, if the person has completed 12 semester units of college work in a maximum of 3 semesters at any recognized institution of higher education and has both a current and a cumulative minimum grade point average of 3.0.

Temporary Membership.  All life members of the California Scholarship Federation and those who graduated with a minimum G.P.A of 3.5 at the high school level shall be invited to become temporary members during their first semester in the community college and shall have, upon payment of dues, all the privileges of membership except that of holding office.

Continuing Membership.  An initial or temporary member may attain continuing membership by:  (1) achieving for the previous semester not less than a 3.0 G.P.A. in courses of recognized college standing and (2) maintaining a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or better in courses of recognized college standing.

See the AGS Bylaws for more information and for other types of membership.


Three simple steps:

Step 1.  Gather the following information before you start.
You will be asked for the following information.  The information will be verified by an AGS advisor from your Contra Costa Community College District records (includes DVC & Los Medanos).  If you are relying on college work from a college outside our district you will need to turn in a transcript (unofficial) of your work from that college.  If you are a first semester college student applying for Temporary Membership you will need to turn in a copy of your high school transcript.  (Turn in to an AGS advisor or at an AGS meeting.)

  • Your most recent or current semester's GPA.  This must be 3.0 or higher.  (This will be for a Fall or a Spring semester--not summer.) 
    • There is an exception to this requirement if you are a continuing member.  Continuing members will receive one semester of grace for every semester of earned continuing membership.  There shall not be two consecutive grace periods.
    • You will be asked for your GPA with 3 decimal places.  For example 3.289.
    • You cannot round a 2.875 GPA to 3.0.  If your GPA is 2.something you are not eligible.
  • Your cumulative GPA.  This is for all college work completed to date and must also be 3.0 or higher. 
    • You will be asked for your GPA with 3 decimal places.  For example 3.289.
    • You cannot round a 2.875 GPA to 3.0.  If your GPA is 2.something you are not eligible.
  • Your total number of units.  This is for all college work completed.  This must be 12 units or more.
  • If you are a first semester college student (applying for Temporary Membership), you will need your cumulative high school GPA.  This must be 3.5 or higher.
  • Your CCC student ID.

Step 2.  Fill out the on-line application (after reading the instructions below).

  • You need to complete at one stitting.  If you are unable to complete it click on the "cancel" bottom and come back at a later time.  You will need to start over.  There are only 18-20 questions.
  • The directions or important information about each question is given below the fill-in area for your response.  Read it.
  • Questions marked with an asterisck (*) are required.  Some may need you to enter a "0" (zero) or "na"
  • When you are done, click on the OK button.
  • Do not fill in the "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" portions.
  • Click here for the AGS APPLICATION

Step 3.  Pay your dues. 

  • Dues for one semester: $15.  For information about dues see AGS FAQs.
  • EOPS students may be eligible to have their dues paid by EOPS.
  • Pay dues at an AGS meeting.   See AGS homepage for meeting information.  Dues need to be paid by the last day to withdraw for the semester.  See the academic calendar for dates.



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