Associate in Arts Transfer Degree

Communications Studies                        18 Units

This degree has been created using the Transfer Model Curriculum template negotiated between the California Community College and California State Universities Chancellor’s offices in collaboration with Community College and CSU faculty senates. This degree meets the legal mandate for transfer degrees as required in SB1440 (2010). Associate in Arts transfer degree may be earned by completing a minimum of 60 units of degree credit coursework, including the major requirements and breadth requirements, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Students must complete all courses for the major with a grade of “C” or better.

Courses required for the major (State C-ID code):

3 units   SPCH-120 (COMM-110)    Public Speaking

6 units from List A (State C-ID code):

3 units   SPCH-141                              Argumentation & Debate

3 units   SPCH-128                              Interpersonal Communication

6 units or any two from List B (State C-ID code):

3 units   SPCH-160B                           Forenics

3 units   SPCH-122                              Intercultural Communication

3 units   SPCH-121                              Critical Thinking

3 units   SPCH-121I                             Critical Thinking (COMM) (IGETC)

3 units   JRNAL-130                            Mass Communication

Any course that has articulation as lower division major preparation for the communication studies major at a CSU (3 units).

3 units or any one of the following from List C (State C-ID code):

Any course from List A or List B not used above

3 units   ANTHR-130                            Cultural Anthropology

3 units   PSYCH-220                           General Psychology (PSYC-110)

3 units   SOCIO-220                            Introduction to Sociology (SOCI-110)

3 units   ENGL-001B                           Composition and Reading: Literature

3 units   ENGL-001C                           Critical Thinking and Advanced Composition

3 units   JRNAL-120                            Newswriting and Reporting

3 units   JRNAL-122                            Newspaper Production I

.5-4 units SPCH-142                          Performance of Literature