Contra Costa College offers several programs that focus on computer technology including Business Office Technology, Computer Information Systems,  Computer Communications Technology, and Computer Science.

Business Office Technology (BOT)

Program Description:
 Today’s businesses require competent, professional office support personnel. A well-organized team player with an attention to detailwill successfully work in an office environment. A student who has completed the Administrative Assistant or General Office certificate programs is well prepared for a variety of positions.

Some possible careers:
 Office receptionist, administrative assistant, data entry clerk, account clerk, medical secretary, legal secretary, and virtual assistant.

Program Student Learning Outcome statement:

  • Basic Computer Literacy (MS Office Applications)
  • Keyboarding and Ten-key with Speed and Accuracy
  • Business Communications
  • Records Management
  • Office Procedures

Computer Communications Technology (CCT)

Some possible careers:
 Network communication technician, network communication installer, fiber optic/copper structure installer, electronic engineer technician, maintenance supervisor, network computer repair technician, telephone, computer, or network communication equipment or manufacturing plan technician.

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Program Description:
 Computer Information Systems covers the programming, operation, and management of the software and data info, out of and within microcomputers.

Some possible careers:

Computer operator, data entry operator, secretary, computer programmer, microcomputer operator, word processor, computer resource technician, systems analyst, database administrator, database design analyst.

Program Student Learning Outcome statement:
 Students who complete the program will be able to:

    •  Select and successfully use the appropriate program for the assigned task
    • Create and effectively complete the appropriate documents with the correct application

Computer Science (COMP/COMSC)

Program Description:
 The Computer Science (COMP/COMSC) program prepares students to major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, or Software Engineering at four-year colleges and universities.
COMP/COMSC assists professionals to refine or update their computer science related skills.

Some possible careers:

COMP/COMSC is a component in the preparation of student for careers in fields including:
Computer programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, chief information officer, civil engineer, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, computer operator, computer service technician, operations analyst, computer security specialist, technical support specialist, hardware analyst, quality assurance analyst, microcomputer support specialist, semiconductor design analyst or technician, network technician, robotics technician, digital design analyst, CAD/CAM analyst.

Program Student Learning Outcome statement:

Students in the Computer Science program will be able to:

      • Successfully design, implement, test, and debug a program of at least 500 lines that uses advanced data structures such as stacks, queues, trees, and hash tables.
      • Compare iterative and recursive execution patterns.
      • Successfully design, implement, test, and debug a program that translates assembly language instructions into machine code.