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The PERIODICAL INDEXES are located at the end of the first row of reference shelves. They are used to locate articles on specific topics in magazines and journals. They don't provide the full-text of the articles, just the citations.

General periodical indexes (such as Readers Guide to Periodical Literature) cover general-interest magazines. Specialized indexes (such as Book Review Index) cover articles in professional journals and/or those for specific subject areas.

Periodical Indexes in reference shelves 

Printed indexes used to be the only way a researcher could locate articles on a specific topic. Nowadays, most libraries (including the CCC Library) subscribe to many online periodical databases, which provide the indexing AND the full-text for most of the articles they list. It is still a good idea, however, to know how to use the printed periodical indexes, as they can be useful when researching older information.


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