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Policies and Procedures

-Who May Use the Lab?
-What Resources are Available?
-Basic CSC Rules

The College Skills Center (CSC) provides academic tools and support for basic English, ESL, math & other courses.

The College Skills Center is not an “open” lab; All students must be enrolled in a qualifying class and clock in to use the facilities. To clock in, scan the barcode on your Student ID card, or enter your ID number on the keypad at the reception desk.



First, students who need to fulfill the “hours by arrangement (HBA) requirement for their English, ESL, Math, or Academic Skills class will need the ability to log their hours in the CSC lab. These students also have priority use of the lab.


Second, the college receives money from the state based on attendance records.  The more attendance the lab collects, the more money the college receives.  Those who do NOT clock in deprive us of the funds we need to keep operating! Please help us by clocking in each time you use the lab!


Who May Use the Lab?

To use the CSC facilities, students must be enrolled in at least one designated English, ESL, or Math class with an “hours by arrangement” requirement (i.e. ENGL 092, 102, 103, 110A/B, 139, 142A/B; ESL 107; MATH 101/C, 115C, 118, 120), or they must enroll in one of the following free, non-credit courses: ACSKL 875N or MATH 875N. Enrolling in these free classes is a quick and easy process using the "Express Registration" option in WebAdvisor (no "late add" code is required).


What Resources are Available?

  Instructor consultation for English & ESL

         –Review your written work with an instructor

  Peer tutoring for English, ESL, & Math

  Study Areas

         –Open area

         –Group study room

         –Quiet study room

  Computers & software

         –Microsoft Office

         –Skill-building software

  Self-service printing & copying

  Staff to assist with technical issues

  Time clock to track use


Basic CSC Rules

  • No Eating or Drinking or Use of Tobacco in Any Form
  • No Cell Phone Conversations
  • No Chat Rooms
  • No Games
  • No Porn
  • No Children
  • Computer and internet use may be restricted. Priority will be given for course related use of computers in the lab.
  • Respect copyrights.
  • All students are expected to act in a considerate, cooperative, respectful, and responsible manner. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.


Activities in the lab(s) that are considered by the lab aides to be abusive to the software, hardware, and\or personnel may result in expulsion from the lab(s) and denial of future use of the lab(s).


College policy requires compliance with all U.S. copyright laws. Copying software, video, music, or other protected data without appropriate authorization violates these laws. Illegal use of materials in the labs is grounds for denial of use of the labs and confiscation of illegally used materials.


Any failure to follow posted Instructional Computer Lab Rules may result in the loss of your lab privileges. Please see Student Rights and Responsibilities for more information. 



Please report any non-working links to the CSC Site Webmaster.

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