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Handouts, Guides, and Links

Guides & Tips for Writing Sentences                

·         Capitalization (pdf)

·         Coordination and Subordination (pdf)

·         Parallel Structure (pdf)

·         Pronouns (pdf)

·         Rules for Capitalization (pdf)

·         Subject-Verb Agreement - 1pg (pdf)

·         Subject-Verb Agreement - 4pg (pdf)

·      Grammar Bytes! site (html)

· (html)

·      Grammar Rock videos (html)

·      Fumblerules of Grammar (html)

·      How to use an apostrophe (html)

·      How to use a semicolon (html)

·      10 words you need to stop misspelling (html)

·      More Grammar Comics (html)



Additional Student Skills Tips

·         Developing Your Memory (pdf)

·         Effective Note Taking (pdf)

·         Spelling Improvement (pdf)

·         Tips for Successful Speeches (pdf)

·         Tips to Improve your Grades (pdf)

·         Additional Study and Presentation Tips

            Select "Study Skills" from the drop-down menu.

·         Test & Improve Your Vocabulary (html)

·         Typing Instruction & Practice (html)

·         Advice for Incoming Students  (html)


·         Free Workshops - CSC (pdf)

·         Free Workshops - Library (html)


·         Choosing a College (html)



Guides & Tips for Essays & Papers

·         English Dept Plagiarism Policy (pdf)

·         How to Make an Outline (pdf)

·         How to Write Clearly (pdf)

·         How to Write with Style (pdf)

·         How to Write with Style (html)

·         Journals (pdf)

·         Narrative Essay Checklist (pdf)

·         Resume Writing (pdf)

·         Steps to Successful Writing (pdf)

·         Thesis Statement (pdf)

·         Topic Sentences (pdf)

·         Bibliographic Formats & Tools

            See library's "Handouts & Guides" page.

·         Additional Writing Tips

            Select "Study Skills" from the drop-down menu.

·         Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) (html)

·         UNC Writing Center (html)

·         A.C. Writing Center (html)

·         MLA Formatting and Style Guide (html)

Software Links, Guides & Tips

·         PLE Login Instructions (pdf)
·         PLE Student Orientation Video (html)

·         PLE System Requirements (pdf)

·         PLE Student Support (html)


·         SkillsBank 5 Scoresheet - Basic Math (pdf)

·         SkillsBank 5 Scoresheet - Int Math (pdf)

·         SkillsBank 5 Scoresheet - Languge (pdf)

·         SkillsBank 5 Scoresheet - Reading (pdf)

·         SkillsBank 5 Scoresheet - Writing (pdf)


·         ESL Software Installed in the CSC (pdf)


·         Fixing InSite Portal Login Problems (pdf)

·        Common Web Advisor Error Messages (pdf)


·         Using Microsoft Word 2007 (pdf)

·         Microsoft Word Foreign Language Tips (pdf)

·         Switching Between Languages in Word (pdf)

·         Windows XP Chinese Pinyin Input (htm)

·         Tips for Opening or Recovering Documents (pdf)

·         Print Multiple PowerPoint Slides with Notes (pdf)

·         More Microsoft Office and Computer Tutorials

             Select "Computers" from the drop-down menu.


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